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Prayers please for a phriend...

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Mason just celebrated his 20th birthday. He had a double lung transplant in 2006 and has been dealing with some serious chronic rejection issues. He just entered the hospital again in California and really needs prayers to get through this. He's just a kid and has been dealing with this for too long. He had a transplant to give him a second shot at a wonderful and "normal" life and it hasn't happened yet.
I know there are lots of people all of us pray for on a daily basis, but I need to ask that you please include Mason.

Thanks for reading

2 comments to Prayers please for a phriend...:

Anonymous said...

Yes ,of course we are all praying for our Mason..He has been through so much already..He is a strong and brave young guy:))

Take care...

Love & Hugs,

Cathy before PH said...

We are all praying for our buddy. He has been through alot. He is strong and he will pull through.