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Getting Wacky!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008
Our 3rd Annual Phenomenal Hope for a Cure fundraiser in only FOURTEEN DAYS AWAY and our response for purchasing tickets is way, way behind the last two years! I'm thinking that between the election and the economy people are a little preoccupied and might have forgotten to send in their reservations.

I'm also worried that because of the economy that maybe people can't afford to come. But, it's only $30.00. But, that is 9-10 gallons of gas. I did get in touch with a local newspaper reporter who was our emcee the first year. He is an excellent writer and has been very supportive. He agreed to do an article and get it in the paper this coming week. I've sent an email to a reporter to one of the TV stations. A friend of ours who runs the public affairs office at the hospital where my husband works is in China with Rod. I sent him an email asking for advice. He was kind enough to send me a list of contact people in the media and told me to tell them that I'm a friend of his. Hopefully that will help. What a great guy! It's not his problem and here I am bugging him half-way around the world!

Hopefully, getting a little press coverage will help remind people to send in their reservations. ARG!! I'm almost wishing I hadn't asked Col. Hicks to be our special guest speaker. He's the chairman of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association board and is vice president of advocacy for PHA. It's going to be very embarrassing having him come all the way from the east coast and have 50 people in the audience! ARG!!!!!

OK, if I was really a good Christian, I would sit and pray and remember that some things are out of my control. I would relax and realize that it is, what it is and enjoy whatever happens. I also think a Blizzard is called for.

I'm off to Dairy Queen.

Thanks for reading.


OH, keep your fingers crossed....Rod might come home two days early from China, which means he might get home late tomorrow night!!

2 comments to Getting Wacky!!:

Anonymous said...

LOl Hope you had that Blizzard..I just posted on the boards that as you enjoy the Blizzard..I will pray that you will have another great year with this...

Hang in there and think Positive my PHriend;))

I bet you will be glad when Rod gets home..Take care..

Love & Hugs,

Di said...

I sent several checks in to Paula from the PEO gals.
We will all think positive thoughts that the numbers start picking up and you have MORE than ever in attendance. I am also hoping that Rod gets home a day or two early. That would be another "Happy".
"All things works together for good for those who love the Lord." hugs, di