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Not much going on...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Thanks to all who are praying for my dear phriend, Mason. The last I heard, the doctors had drained some fluid off of the area around his heart. The doctors are still trying determine how much of his problems are due to rejection or other things.

Otherwise, things are very quiet around here. I don't know if I mentioned that Rod is out of town. He went to China with a bunch of people from the med center. I'm not sure what all he's doing. I know that he's giving some symposiums, talking to some physicians, just the typical stuff.

I've been keeping busy knitting and becoming one with the couch. It's been raining for a good couple of days here which doesn't help much with trying to keep busy. I did take myself to a movie yesterday afternoon. I went to the "Dollar Theater" (which is now the $3.00 theater) and saw the movie "Swing Vote."

It was a very entertaining show. There was a very sad part though, that had nothing to do with the movie. I was waiting in line to get my ticket and a young man (late teens, early 20's) was in front of me. He was a rather large boy and was saying to the ticket girl, "This is really embarrassing, but can I get a refund? The arms don't move on your seats and I don't fit."
How incredibly sad...

The dogs are, of course, driving me nuts! While I was in the hospital, Rod decided it would the ok for them to sleep in our room. It was fine except that there was no room for me in the bed. Plus, Asa would get all freaked out about something and would start barking in the middle of the night. So, the third night home from the hospital, I decided they needed to go back into the laundry room. Usually Rod takes the dogs out for their nightly "constitutional" and then puts them to bed. Now I'm starting to understand why Rod wanted to let them sleep in our room! The first night that Rod was gone, I took them outside to do their duty. I knew Asa was going to be nervous, so I decided to "trick" him and go out and come back in a different door instead of the laundry room door. Well, it worked great until I tried to get him off the floor to go into the laundry room. I had to get out the training/choke collar and drag his butt into the room. As soon as I let him go, Haver growled and jumped at him!! I yelled at Haver, shut the door and waited outside the laundry room. Every time Haver growled, I yelled at him through the door. After about 5 minutes things quieted down and I went to bed. There were no problems the rest of the night. Last night I did the same thing only when I drug Asa in the laundry room by the training collar, Haver growled, jumped and Asa ran out of the room. Then I picked up Asa's two front legs and "danced" him into the laundry room. Same thing happened. Haver growled, jumped and Asa ran. I made the executive decision that if Haver was going to be a creep, he could sleep in the garage! So, feeling all tough, I put his bed, his bone and his fat butt into the garage and shut the door.(By the way, it's attached to the house and the door to the garage is the laundry room door.) Then I went to get Asa. I assumed it would be at least a little easier to get him into the laundry room since he was going to have the whole room to himself. HA!! No such luck!! He rolled over on his back and put his feet in the air, looking at me like "Aren't I cute? You're not going to make me sleep in there, are you?" Well, yes I would! I ended up grabbing his front legs and dragging him across the kitchen floor on his back! He slid pretty well, actually. It helps that the floor is hardwood. Anyway, I had a very quiet night and when I came down in the morning to let them out, they were kissing each other and wagging their tails like they hadn't seen each other for years!

I'm trying to find a dog whisperer. If you know an available one, let me know. I'm willing to pay BIG BUCKS!!

17 days until our 3rd Annual Phenomenal Hope for a Cure!!

Thanks for reading.


1 comments to Not much going on...:

barbara said...

I guess if you let those babies sleep with you, just have to get that king size bed for sure. You could make them sleep at the foot of the bed, LOl
hope you are feeling better.

love and hugs