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I'm the woman, I'm the woman, I'm the woman!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
So, I had this "trick" figured out, in my head, that I was sure would help me get Asa into the laundry room for the night without causing me to stroke-out, or the roof to collapse on me.
The plan was, that we would go outside for Asa and Haver to do "their business" and when we came back into the house, I would act like we were going to stay up all night watching TV. Then, I'd tell them it was time to go "night-night." I would then only have to drag Asa across a flat floor, instead of up two stairs. Well, it worked!!

On Sunday night, I announced, "Let's go night-night!" Haver started walking into the laundry room (Yes, I know it's bizarre, but it is comforting knowing he has the ability to "be good.") Asa looked at me, with his doggy face trying to scream "No you crazy woman! There is no way you're going to get me into that crappy room!" But, I got him in...I did have to push his butt, but he really did slide along the floor! I had this last minute thought that maybe Asa didn't like having only a night-light on, and so I also decided to keep the overhead light on.

Last night(Monday) we went through the whole routine again. But, when it was time to "go night-night" Asa walked with me to the laundry room door (I was thinking that I was the new dog-whisperer)and then, at the last minute, he made a quick right turn, heading for the deck door. I grabbed his collar and "redirected him" and he plodded his little butt into the room! I kept the light on and I was in bed by 10:15!!!!

I was really glad to get to bed at a more decent time. It was a long, hot day. I went down to the Med Center to visit with my phriend Kristi V. who was in town because her Dad was having heart surgery. It was great getting to see her, but it was a bummer why she was here.

I also drove to Fremont to have dinner with my sister. So, after being outside a couple of times in the heat, I was one tired old lady! I was so glad to have gotten so much "cooperation" with bedtime.

Rod gets home tonight. I'm so happy to be able to pass on the "night-night torch."

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I bought myself a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dinner tonight to congratulate myself for outsmarting and 11 month old yellow lab.

3 comments to I'm the woman, I'm the woman, I'm the woman!!:

Jen said...

OH Annette,
You sound so busy...
Yes the heat does us in...
Glad you got to see KristiV..Hope her Dad is OK..

Yes, let Dad take over the Night Night Routine...Yay!!

DQ Blizzard...Thats a celebration..:))

Take care Cutie..


Colleen said...

You go girl!! Way to round up those ornery puppies! You certainly DO deserve that DQ! hehe
Colleen :)

The Luke Family said...

There was no doubt that you are the woman! Just remember Annette, that I'm just a few doors down if you ever need something. I'm serious..just call! Or if you're yelling loud enough at the little boys, I might just hear you!! :-)