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I'm not sure how I did it, but....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Somehow, I managed to delete this entry that I posted last week. I’m going to try again, sharing just a couple of highlights and then try to get caught up with a couple of new posts…..

A few weeks ago, we were given an opportunity to visit Washington D.C. It just so happened that the trip coincided with our 30th wedding anniversary ( June 17th!). That was all the excuse we needed. So, we decided we would take advantage of a special celebration in a special place. The highlight of the visit was having a special dinner with a special keynote speaker… PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH! It’s not every day that you get to have dinner with about 2,000 “friends” and see the President of the United States, in person! It was quite a wonderful experience!

Before we had to get ready for dinner, we took a little cruise down the Potomac River. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were we able to see some of the great sites of D.C.

After our cruise, we went back to the hotel and got all “dolled-up!” The dinner was held at the "Washington Convention Center." Before dinner started, we were entertained by an up-and-coming young country singer named Trey Hensley. He was one of those singers that just gives a person goosebumps when he sings! We found our table and anxiously awaited the evening events! I knew it was going to be pretty cool when I saw the butter! Look at these amazing "Presidential pads of butter!"

Charlie Daniels gave the invocation, singing "How Great Thou Art!"

About half-way through dinner, the President came out and spoke to the crowd. We were about 25 tables from the actual “front” of the room where the President was speaking. But, they had big screens so we could get a very good view of the President. BUT, I noticed lots of people getting out of their chairs to get closer and take pictures. So, Inogen oxygen in hand, I rolled myself right up to the security guards and asked, "Could I please take a quick picture?" They gave me a slight nod and I quickly slid as close as I could and snapped a shot! No matter how you feel about his politics, you still get goose bumps to see the leader of the most powerful country in the world!

The day after dinner, we were treated to a special "behind the scenes" tour of the capitol with our local congressman, Lee Terry.

This is a picture of the Old Senate Chamber. "This semicircular, half-domed chamber, located north of the Rotunda, was occupied by the Senate between 1810 and 1859. After the Senate moved to its present chamber, this room was used by the Supreme Court from 1860 until 1935."

This is a picture of the Congressional Prayer Chapel. It "opened in 1954, the same year 'under God' was added to the pledge of allegiance, and features a stained glass window showing George Washington kneeling in prayer. Above him is the declaration, 'This Nation Under God';surrounding him is the Bible verse from Psalm 16:1: "'Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust.'"

After our special tour, we went back to the hotel, gathered our bags and then headed off to the airport for our second adventure....

to be continued.....

Thanks for reading.

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The Admiral said...

You took a picture of butter?

Do they not have any butter in Omaha?