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A Few Random things...

Thursday, July 10, 2008
June 29th was my dear sweet husband's 52nd birthday! If you know Rod, you know that I most certainly hit the jackpot when I married him. He LOVES the fact that I'm 6 weeks older than he is! He never misses a chance to share with people that he married "an older woman!" Of course, his "bragging" is most effective when he can share our age difference after my birthday and before his!
Anyway I had no idea what to get him for his birthday (actually, it's the same problem for Christmas or any other gift-giving holiday! The guy never wants anything! But, at the same time, he's happy with everything!)So, about 3 weeks before his birthday, he came inside with this GRIN on his face. He said that one of our neighbor's just got a NEW TRACTOR! He has a relative who works at a John Deere dealership so he got a pretty good deal. He told Rod that if he dropped his name, he would probably also get a pretty good deal. So, the next day we went tractor shopping!
Happy birthday to my dear sweet husband!

I have a bargain for any of you who are willing to open your door to a couple of "cute and active" puppies! Haver has become such an incredible bully! In fact, I ended up calling the vets about his behavior. They are going to have their "behaviorist" contact us. Here is a picture of Asa after his visit to the vet a couple of weeks ago. When we came home from Houston, Asa had what looked like a rope/collar burn on his neck. Within a few days, it became incredibly infected.

He looks much better now.

I did decide that some of this behavior is due to Haver being such a bright dog. I believe he gets a bit bored since Mom can't go outside and run around with him. I really need to step up and start doing some more training with him. By the looks of this picture, I think he's ready to start learning how to cook!

I also thought I'd add a couple of book reports.

I'm a big Patricia Cornwell fan! This is the second book with new characters, a pain-in-the butt D.A. Monique Lamont and her "go-to" special investigator cop, Win Garano (a man). This is a small book and can easily be read in a couple of days.

Another great read is Jonathan Kellerman's "Compulsion."

The return of a Alex Delaware (a psychologist), Milo Sturgis (a cop) and Robin (Alex's wife and musician) are incorporated into a great murder mystery that revolves around fancy black cars and disguises. It's a medium-sized book and would probably take a week or two to get through.

Two totally different types of books that I would recommend are "Belong to Me" by Marisa De Los Santos and "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch.

This is a story about families, their loves, their secrets and their lives. Marisa De Los Santos is also a poet. I found her writing pulled me into the story, making me almost feel like I was also living in the New York suburban neighborhood.

Many of you have probably heard about the last lecture given by Randy Pausch to his students and coworkers at Carnegie Mellon. The idea of "the last lecture" was for a teacher to share their special words of wisdom with the students, as if it was the last lecture they would ever give. What was different this time, was/is Randy Pausch is actually dying, of pancreatic cancer. This book is not a written copy of what he said during his lecture. This is actually a book filled with his humor, inspiration, intelligence and hopes for his children and anyone who reads it. It is also a quick read and is very positive, entertaining and uplifting.

OK, that's enough for now.
Thanks for reading.


3 comments to A Few Random things...:

barbara said...

oh what a beautiful tractor, my son would love that , he lives on a 358 acrea farm and loves it, I don't know how these Dr's get time for this.

hope you are felling all right my firend

ali said...

Happy Birthday to Rod...Happy Birthday to Rod...Happy Birthday Dear Rod....gosh, my singing sounds so good on "paper". Hope y'all had a good one! ali

Colleen said...

I wish Rod a Happy Birthday!! Looks like he got a very nice gift!! And please send Haver over if he learns how to make a gourmet meal! LOL!

The books all sound interesting! I just finished a Jodi Picoult book, Nineteen Minutes. It was so good! I am about to stare The Time Traveler's Wife, which I have been told is fabulous!

I'm glad you are doing well!
Colleen :)