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I had a fabulous time today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008
I went to lunch with my first grade "team" today! Dianna, Lindsey and Julie are my teacher-friends that I taught with the last couple of years before I had to "retire." They are also the gals that let me volunteer in their classrooms with their kids. So, today we went to lunch and THEY PAID!!! The said that it was to thank me for helping them at school. It seemed completely backwards. I felt like I should have bought THEIR lunch for LETTING me work with their kids.

I have decided that Haver and Asa are going to go to doggie obedience school. I talked to the behaviorist from the vet office again today because I'm frustrated with the level of destruction that is going on in and around our home. The guy at the vet's seems to think that the dogs are not having enough "mental stimulation." You know what? If they keep pulling coat racks off the garage wall, I'll have to show them a different kind of stimulation, and it won't be pretty!! ARG!!!

This is where the coat rack was and is suppose to be:

And this is where it is now:

I just don't understand why my friend Julie doesn't want a dog...or two...

Thanks for reading.


4 comments to I had a fabulous time today!:

Wendy's Mom said...

Annette Honey, they are puppies and yes they can be destructive. We never sent Wendy to obedience school so I cannot tell you how it works. However Wendy did chew on lots of things including the outside window seals when she was younger. When they turn 2 things do get a LITTLE better. I sorry they are causing so much havic. Unfortunately with 2 of them it is DOUBLE TROUBLE and a lot easier for them to get into more trouble.

Hang in there.

Sheila and Wendy

Colleen said...

Oh goodness, those puppies need to go to school!! I can understand your frustration! :(

That was so nice of your teacher friends to buy you lunch! I hope you'll be able to volunteer again next year! Btw, I love the necklace your friend with the blonde hair is wearing. It looks like something I make! hehe
Colleen :)

Kathy said...

That is too funny...you have two puppies at the same time...so they work as a team. Obedience school is a great idea...will help you too and they will be happier...that is what Caesar Milan says anyway...do you watch his show? I can also sit and let time pass some days...I am not a big TV person, but I will waste hours playing computer games...but hey...it is my time and what the hell else am I supposed to do!

Jen said...

OH My, Annette..Those boys are trouble..LOL I hope schol can help them!!

Sounds like a great time having lunch with the girls...Take care, Cutie:))

BTW every time I pass DQ I think of you..LOL