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A Trip in Review...Barcelona

Thursday, October 18, 2007
Hello again! I decided to blog some of our vacation highlights and include some photo's for your viewing pleasure! We'll start with Barcelona.
We flew into Barcelona a day before the cruise left so we could get a bit adjusted to the time change. Did I mention that we were SEVEN TIME ZONES AWAY??? Anyway....after we got settled into our hotel we decided to go out for a walk and take in the sights. Our hotel was only a block away from "La Rambla" which is considered a famous pedestrian street.

It was very interesting seeing stalls selling everything from flowers to turtles! We also saw some very interesting street entertainers including this angel!

I don't know how these people can make a living doing this kind of work!
After we strolled around for a while, we decided to get some dinner. We found an Italian restaurant that faced the "La Rambla." After we ordered we heard and then saw the police driving down the "La Rambla" with sirens blaring and lights flashing! Plus, all of the police had on all of their riot gear including some kind of serious-looking long-barreled guns! The owner, or at least who we assumed was the owner of the restaurant started running around the place, wringing his hands. Suddenly, he runs over to the front windows and pushes a button. Immediately, these metal garage doors come down the outside of the restaurant, covering all of the windows and doors and essentially locking us in! Here are a couple of pictures that we took while we were "under siege!"

So, your mission, if you choose it, is to decide who looks goofier when they are faced with potential death and destruction while on vacation, Rod or I????
Oh, by the way, nothing ever did happen with the police. We did hear some chanting and saw some college-aged kids walking down the street with signs, but that was it! As the restaurant owner pushed the buttons to allow us to leave, Rod said, "See? Nothing bad happened. At least now you'll have some interesting drama to write about on your blog!" He was right!

3 comments to A Trip in Review...Barcelona:

Sue "T" said...

Hi Annette,
Oh, neither of you looked goofy, you both looked frightened or worried. I would have too, first day in a different country and the metal doors come down. Spooked me alot. Sirens blaring, lights flashing, riot gear and guns, yikes!!! That paints a rather ominous picture sweetie. So glad you both came out of that unscathed, for sure!!!!
It will be so nice to read exerpts from your trip and see more pictures. A real treat for all of us and so many wonderful memories for both of you.
Isn't it like a man to say, "see, nothing bad happened" hehehehe.
Just thank God that nothing did happened and you both had the vacation of a lifetime.
Much love and many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)

Colleen said...

Annette, I have to say that the look on your face wins over Rod's! lol I love the pictures! And yes, I'd like to know how those living angel people make a living off of what they do! Maybe it's a side job? I'm so glad you had a good time! Thanks for sharing some pics!
Colleen :)

Jeremy said...

Nice blog. Interesting fact that there are two official languages spoken in Barcelona: Catalan, generally spoken in all of Catalonia, and Castillian Spanish. I always thaught that they speak only Spanish.
I liked Gaudi's masterpieces, it is really visit card of Barcelona and whole Spain. Many buildings, churches and hotels in Barcelona have an original and amazing design and architecture. I have been in Spain last summer and next summer I will visit again. It is an awesome city.