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I can't take this waiting game...so... back to the trip!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
OK, it's 10:00 a.m. and I'm not scheduled for "colonoscopy..take 2" until 2:30. I'm driving myself nuts so I decided to be productive and take my mind back to a happier time....Nice, France!!
Rod and I like to think of our experience with our first "port stop" of Villenfranche, France as a learning experience. We had to take these cute little boats called "tenders" from the ship to the town of Villenfranche.

From there we were told it would be very easy to buy a couple of train tickets that would take us to Nice and Monaco. I should have know that we were in trouble when I told Rod it would be a waste of money to get a cab for the walk from the dock to the train station. We walked and walked and walked and then we walked up stairs, lots of stairs. Then after we bought the tickets we had to go back down stairs and then back up stairs to get to the correct side of the tracks (keep your comments to yourself). We decided to go to Nice first. We enjoyed the train ride and arrived safely in Nice. We agreed that we really wanted to go to the Matisse Museum and did have to get a cab for that trip. It was a nice museum and it was filled with drawings, paintings and sculptures by Matisse. The museum is located in the middle of a beautiful park which made the visit that much nicer.

We left the park to grab a cab deciding we wanted to get back on the train to go to Monaco. We couldn't find a cab....anywhere. We even started walking towards areas that looked more "cab-like" but found no cabs. We spotted a hospital and walked there thinking we could easily find a cab. There were no cabs and no one who "spoke English and/or were willing to help us." So, we started walking. We walked for about an hour and 1/2 until we saw a bus stop. Rod said we should get on it, no matter where it was going! So we did.

Luckily we had a nice driver who helped us get to the next bus stop where we got on another bus to go to the train station. Needless to say, we decided to skip Monaco and head back to the boat. From then on, we made sure we either part of a tour group or we were incredibly prepared!
This is a picture that a couple from our boat took of us right before we got back on the ship. Boy! The two of us look like we need a vacation!!

3 comments to I can't take this waiting game...so... back to the trip!:

Sue "T" said...

Oh honey, the way you can walk, made me so tired reading this, hehe.
But, first of all, I think its CRAP that you have to wait until this afternoon for that gosh darned colonoscopy. Since you have gone thru hecko and back, they should have taken you first. How dare them mess with your crapper!!!! Please let us know when it is over.
I so enjoyed you telling about trying to get to Nice and Monaco. The pictures are wonderful and you and Rod look so cute together. The last picture though, you both look a little "tired" hehe. Who was pulling the oxygen up and down those stairs? Gosh, I sure give you alot of credit honey for being so determined.
I have a suggestion. I think you need to write a book. The way you explain things and the information but also the wit just makes me want to sit here and read more and more.
I hope talking about this took your mind off "the thing" just a little. Is Rod there with you?
Well honey, let us know how it goes.
Much love and many hugs and blessings,
Sue :-)

Di said...

Now I know why you have not answered the phone at your house. What a bummer to have to have a "Do over" with your test. (Doesn't that "do over" remind you of 1st grade??) I hope they were able to finish up your second fun test today and send you on your merry way home.
Sure have been thinking about you a lot!!
hugs, di

Donna said...

I sure hope the nasty test is over by now and that you'll be home soon. I'm kind of glad it was delayed so you could give us all a wonderful tour of France--I loved the stories and pictures. Take care and know you're in my thoughts and prayers each day.