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Barcelona, day 2

Saturday, October 20, 2007
Hello again! I just wanted to do another quick little entry to tell you about getting to meet Marta and her husband James. Marta and James live about an hour away from Barcelona and were kind enough to drive into Barcelona to meet Rod and I for brunch. Marta and I had "met" online through the Pulmonary Hypertension Association discussion board. Marta, like me, has PH. Also, Marta, like me, is on Flolan! It was so amazing to get to meet a woman who lives 7 time zones away, but who has so much in common with me! We discussed what it was like to have PH, we discussed mixing our medicines, we even compared our medicine pumps and the packaging for our Flolan! It sounds like Marta's disease isn't quite as progressed as mine. But, interestingly enough, she is already registered for a lung transplant. Evidently the rules and regulations are much different in Spain than in the states. Isn't Marta beautiful? Isn't James a hunk??? :)

After brunch, Marta and James took us to see one of the big tourist stops in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia or "The Church of the Holy Family!" The construction on this church started in 1882 by Antonio Gaudi and is still not finished! The outside walls of the church represent different important events in the life of Christ. For instance, the east side represents the Nativity. It is a very ornate building. We were told that people either love it or hate it. Here are a couple of pictures so you can make up your own mind.

That's it for now. I'm going to go outside and enjoy this lovely weather.
Thanks for reading.

1 comments to Barcelona, day 2:

Sue "T" said...

James and Marta look like lovely people. Yes,it is amazing that you got to sit and talk with her about your illnesses, living so far apart and yet, experiencing the same things. I am so glad you and Rod got to spend time together with them. That was really nice!!
The Church of the Holy Family is a very unusual specimen of architecture, but I love it. What time and thought went into that church.I would love to see that in person, my parents went to Barcelona before my father's illness progressed, they went with their church and they did see this church. My mom and dad loved it also. They spent alot of time looking and picking out the different events in Christ's life.
It was so nice reading more about your trip, I love it. It makes me feel like I am on the trip with you.
I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday, it's supposed to be nice today and tomorrow too here. A little warm but very sunny.
Much love and many hugs and blessings, to you honey.
Sue :-)