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Not much going on...

Friday, January 23, 2009
Hello there. If it weren't for my lovely dogs and their shenanigans, I don't think I'd have much to write about!

I can tell you that I did get to volunteer on Tuesday morning! I worked with a group of first graders. It was mostly just a "getting to know you" time. I visited with each child in a one-on-one setting. I had them do a little sight word reading and spelling. I asked them a bit about their family. First graders are amazing! I don't know if my principal told the teacher that I use oxygen and if so, if she said anything to the kids. But, most of the kids didn't say a thing about the tubing or the machine. Those that did, just politely asked what it was or said that they know someone that uses "that stuff." Of course that "someone" was usually some "really old" grandma or grandpa! But, it didn't matter. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the old "teacher tricks" jumped out of my brain! There was this one beautiful little red-haired girl who didn't want to answer any questions. She announced to me that "I'm shy!" Well, having a first grader telling you that they're shy is like having a crazy person saying that they're sane! The trick is, to just get her talking before she remembers that she's suppose to be shy! She was blabbering away, giving me all kinds of correct answers before she "forgot" that she was shy and quieted down again! There was one thing that I had blocked out of my mind about first graders....the snot....so much snot...so few tissues!! As I was walking to the office after I was finished I spied a container of hand sanitizer sitting at a table. I lathered myself up to the point that I had a wavy vapor cloud following me down the hallway!

I mentioned "the dogs" in the first line. Guess what this was?

This is what I kept Asa from swallowing after I caught him chewing on this:

That WAS the remote control for the TIVO! It was 8:20 p.m. when I made this amazing discovery. I can't run our TV at all with the regular remote control. It's all set up to be run through the TIVO remote. So, I threw on some clothes and drove to Best Buy before they closed. (Rod was gone to a meeting for the night or I would have made him go!) Anyway, I walk into the store and tell them, "My dog ate my TIVO remote control. I need a new one." They didn't blink, smirk, smile, comment...nothing! This must happen to other people because they sure didn't act like it was the first time they've had this request!

Oh well! We're now back up and running.
Sorry about the short and none too exciting posting. Thanks for reading.


4 comments to Not much going on...:

ali said...

Hey Annette,
I loved your post...it was exciting to me. I am glad you were able to voluteer. It sounds like it made you very happy! I hope you get to contine it. Those interactions are very important for us to keep contact with the outside world.
Take care, ali

Nancy said...

Loved your "the dog ate my remote" story and the image of the sanitizer vapor cloud. :0)

I am glad that you had a great start for your volunteer post. I am sure you will have all of them up to speed in no time at all.

Teddybear said...

Sorry about the remote - sounds like the dogs are finally behaving.

Glad your first day back to school went well - glad you were able to find the hand sanitizer - we so need that around children.

Blessings to you, Deb

The Admiral said...

I have a friend whose dog ate six remotes.

OTOH, The Late Great Bernie Beagleman ate a leather glove and passed it one finger at a time. He ate a leather planner. He ate a Dr Scholl's Sandal, and passed the buckle intact.

Mighty Dog, he was.