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GIVE ME A "P"....... GIVE ME AN "R".......

Sunday, January 11, 2009
GIVE ME AN "O-Z-A-C!" What does that spell? PROZAC!! What does it mean? RELIEF!! CALMNESS!! POTENTIAL NORMALCY!!!

We started Asa and Haver on Prozac last night. After numerous phone calls and discussions with our vet, it was decided that our boys needed some help. We've spent months doing behavior modification with both of them with only minor improvement. The bottom line is that Asa has an anxiety disorder and is sending mixed messages to Haver. Whenever he sees Haver, he starts growling, shaking, stiffens his tail, curling it over his back and shakes like he's having a seizure. Haver, being confused thinks that Asa is being aggressive and so he starts growling and takes a fighting stance, staring down Asa. Sometimes it escalates to a real dog fight, not dog playing, a dog fight with blood, flying fur, etc. This situation has also made Haver more aggressive with other dogs. Since he is basically fighting for "lead dog" and getting nowhere, he tries to fight for dominance with any other dogs that happen to come around. Try to imagine what it was like when Deeoge was here for two weeks over Christmas! Not a day went by when I didn't scream, "I want drugs and I want them NOW!!" I'm sure if someone would have overheard me they would have thought I was some junkie going through withdrawal!

We'll have to keep doing the behavior modification stuff with both of them. In fact, the vet might have someone come to the house to do some additional stuff with them. But, just like when a child started on behavior medication at school, we still had to work on the behavior, drugs alone won't fix the problem.

And if this wasn't complicated enough, this behavior only happens inside! When they are outside, they get along perfectly! Now, we're not looking for a miracle here, just a little bit of sanity. We're hoping and praying that this is going to help.

After their second dose, we actually had a few moments of "normal" brotherly love behavior tonight!!!

This shows the boys actually playing, inside!! Asa is on his back, wagging his tail which is doggy talk for "You are the man, I am the mouse and I'm having fun!" And Haver has his front legs down and his rear end up which is doggy talk for "I'm playing, this is fun!"

And, here they are both following Rod into the kitchen, tails wagging! But, FIVE MINUTES AFTER I TOOK THESE PICTURES ASA STARTED GROWLING AND SHAKING AGAIN!! ARG!!!

Oh well, progress is progress!
I've got to get going. It's 10:00 and I haven't even started mixing my Flolan!
I'll try to get back on the "blogging ball." Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading.


3 comments to GIVE ME A "P"....... GIVE ME AN "R".......:

Colleen said...

I would be going insane with fighting doggies, I don't know how you haven't! Or maybe you have?? I hope the Prozac helps, and I hope more behavior modification works, too! You need some peace in your house!!! Oh yes, and quiet!!

Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

OMG!! I am so sorry you are going through all this. Trust me I do understand. Wendy has turned into Ms. Anxiety since I got sick and every day she seems to get worst. We actually tried her on some meds but since she has sensitive stomach it made her sick, so we have her on Benadryl and yeah it makes her sleepy but it keeps her a lot calmer too. it is not a huge dose so it is not like she has no energy. Trust me she does.
I hope the prozac works!! If you see a huge difference I might have to ask Wendy's Doc about it. LOL!!

Love you guys,
Sheila and Wendy

Teddybear said...

My prayers go out to you and hope the Prozac works - I'm sure it will take time. Blessings Deb