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A moment of calm...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
hopefully not before the storm! We've already had a schizophrenic morning! But, right now, they are in the same room, chewing on rawhide.



(I'm afraid he looks a little "chubby" in this picture!)

It's ridiculously cold today. The actual temperature right now is 4 degrees with a windchill of -10. It's days like today that I'm so happy that I don't have a job. Being able to stay home and inside on these horribly cold days is definitely a perk to being sick.

Now, if Wacky One and Wacky Two can just "keep the peace" for a little while longer, all will be right with the world.

Thanks for reading.


4 comments to A moment of calm...:

Colleen said...

It's not as cold here yet, but we are getting it tomorrow and the next few days. I agree, I am so happy I don't work when it's days like this!! I decided to have a pajama day, which I haven't done in a long time!! I hope your Wacky boys will behave today!!!

Colleen :)

Jen said...

Well I hope the boys stay calm;)
It is in the 40s here and I am cold..LOl I can not deal with that freezing temps your way..Take care and stay warm..


Wendy's Mom said...

AHHH Now don't they look so sweet and loveable right now!! Are you sure they are as bad as you say?? I am kidding!! After having 4 of my own trust me I know what little angels they can be one minute and a holy terror the next.
It does get better!!! In about a year or 2!! Maybe the prozac will start helping more.
It does surprise me some though since they have been together since birth, wonder why they all of a sudden are like this? I guess now one knows. LOL!!
Hey you need to talk with that Lady that actually talks to animals so she can tell you what the dogs are thinking. LOL!!

Sheila and Wendy!

Teddybear said...

I am just catching up - yes it is cold - prayers to you that the boys be at peace with one another and that the Prozac works.

Three cheers for you on wanting to go back to work at least one day a week. That is great news, blessings to you and yours love Deb.