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It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009
It's Sunday night, football is on (Baltimore vs. Pittsburg), Rod and I just got back from having a bowl of soup at Panera, Haver is laying on the floor licking "his blanket" and Asa has just literally tip-toed upstairs because he is all wacky again! ARG!!! The two have been on Prozac for 8 days now. Up until yesterday we were very excited with the improvement we were seeing in both Asa and Haver's behavior. Then yesterday, the stars must have been out of line or the doggy angels were busy watching some other household because Asa just went nuts! He even GROWLED AT ME!!! He's been just as bad today, GROWLING AT ROD! We'll see what tomorrow brings. I was planning on calling the vet to tell her about the positive progress. I'll ask her about this little "blip" in behavior and see if she thinks we need to increase Asa's dose. Of course, as I write this, Asa just came downstairs and is actually walking through the same room as Haver and he's not shaking or growling at all! He's just watching Haver destroy a tennis ball! So, who knows!

Speaking of destroying, do you remember this?

Well, I took it to the boot repair shop and now it looks like:

Look at the great job they did! If you look close you can see some of the damage. But, given the fact that Rod generally wears boots with pants and jeans and not shorts or swim trunks, most of the boot will be covered up anyway!


Asa has now grabbed a chew stick and is laying on the floor next to Haver and NO ONE IS WACKY OR GROWLING!!
Here is proof!

I don't know what happened...maybe the stars have lined up or the doggy angels are back to work, but, I'll take it!

In other news, Rod and I went to the movie "Valkyrie" on Friday night.

We went to the movie theater to see "Gran Torino" but unfortunately it was sold out. So, we saw Valkyrie instead. The film is based on an actually plot by German Army dissidents to kill Adolph Hitler. It was really interesting but a little anti-climatic since Hitler actually committed suicide. I honestly think we would have like "Gran Torino" better, but that will just have to wait for next week.

Yesterday my sister and her oldest daughter Katie came up to Omaha. We decided to go see the movie "The Reader." I'm sorry about the pictures. They are so stinking small! But, I couldn't find anything that worked any better. Sorry.

It is a movie set in post World War II Germany. I THOUGHT I knew what the movie was about (a woman who likes to be read to) but I had NO IDEA HOW this woman liked her reader to dress (or NOT dress). I'll just tell you that, at one point, Katie turned to her mother and said, "Yea, I'm REALLY happy to be watching this movie with MY MOTHER!" If you are feeling the need for an anatomy lesson, I would highly recommend "The Reader." If you are more mature than my sister and myself, you would probably enjoy the movie and the message.

Well, crap! Asa's growling and shaking again! I better go lock someone up for a time-out....maybe I'll just lock myself up, with the bottle of Prozac! ARG!!!

Thanks for reading.


2 comments to It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday!:

Barbarb Howard said...

you sre do have a time with those two, I am thinking they sure cause for a lot of excitement at your house and I just love the boots,
I am so stupid you know I use a cpap and I did not have the humidifies setting high enough and that was the problem, cleared up now, but I will check those products out if I still have trouble, thank ou annette

Teddybear said...

I can't get over the change in the dogs, and human drugs did the job amazing. Your dogs are beautiful they look so gentle I'll keep praying the Provac keeps working. Blesssings Deb.