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Good News! Exciting News! Nothing about the Dogs News!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I received a fabulous phone call today! My former principal moved to a different school this year. He felt he needed a change and a challenge. He had been at my old school for 9 years. He decided to take a position as the principal at an "at-risk" elementary school. He called me this afternoon to see if I would be willing, able, interested in working with some first graders who really needed help with their reading! I said, "YES!!!" The really great part of this is that Kevin was my principal for the year I taught after I was diagnosed and was learning to live with Flolan. He understands the disease and my limitations. So, if I don't feel well, or am over-doing it, he will completely "get it!" I'm going to start out by "working" on Tuesday mornings for a couple of hours. Depending on how it goes I might increase my time, maybe add a day, or, if it's too much, I'll back off a bit. Plus, there is handicap parking right at the front door! I'm going to start next Tuesday, so, please pray for nice (at least normal) weather.

So, good news, good news, doing a little happy dance, good news!!
Thanks for reading.

5 comments to Good News! Exciting News! Nothing about the Dogs News!!:

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Annette:))
You just take it slow my PHriend:))

I am sure the kids will love ya:)


Colleen said...

What great news for you, Annette!! I really hope this works out for you! I know you will be great at it, of course! It's just the physical aspect of it, and I'm praying that THAT won't be a problem!!!

Colleen :)

Nancy said...

Congratulations! Please take things slow and add hours carefully to give your body time to adjust.

I know you will knock their socks off!

Donna said...

That's wonderful news--you'll be so good with the kids!! Just watch your body and take it easy. We'll be praying for you on Tuesday.
Love, Donna

Barbarb Howard said...

I am so thrilled for you, that is great news annette, and I hope you have a ball doing it,