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So, I went to a funeral today...

Sunday, November 25, 2007
A friend, PEO sister and fellow teacher was laid to rest today. Jacque fought a tough fight against breast cancer. (She called it, "The Beast.") She fought it with grace, guts and glory. She kept her spirit strong and her faith stronger. She loved music, especially religious music and jazz. Music was a huge part of her ceremony today. She even had a couple of local jazz musicians play, "A House is Not a Home." It was an afternoon of celebration and sadness. I was visiting with a woman after the ceremony. I said, "It was quite a service. I keep bouncing around with my feelings. I'm happy for knowing Jacque but also sad because she's gone." This lady said, "I disagree. I think it was the most uplifting funeral I've even been to." I thought that I must be in a morbid mood. I just felt incredibly sad. When I visited with another person, I got the same positive response. She also thought it was such a great celebration. Then it dawned on me. I actually did have a different "take" on Jacque's service. You see, Jacque was 54 years old, just three years older than me. Jacque had two "boys" that are the same age as my two boys. Jacque had a wonderful husband who loved her. I have a husband who would lay down his life for me. She was a teacher until she got sick. I was a teacher until I got sick. I went to a funeral today and I guess it just hit a little too close to home.
Goodbye Jacque. I'm so glad that you are finally free from "The Beast."

2 comments to So, I went to a funeral today...:

paula54 said...

I know some funerals can be uplifting. But funerals are also a time of reflection and a time to mourn. Everyone grieves differently and the similarities between the two of you were a bit overwhelming!You have a right to your feelings. Don't feel bad about them. Love, Paula

Di said...

Dearest Annette,
I can understand your feelings so clearly, as would Jacque. Please know how very much she thought of you and will continue to pull for YOU from her place in Heaven.
hugs, di