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One more thing....

Saturday, November 10, 2007
Sue T. asked me about what kind special things we did on the cruise ship and I realized that I never really talked about the ship! So, if you'll bear with me, I'll do one more post and share a little about the actual cruise!
We had a fabulous room! We had an actual bedroom, bathroom, sitting room with a couch and table AND a deck!! Some very good friends had previously been on the exact same cruise for their honeymoon! So, they surprised us with some "Bon Voyage" decorations!!

Look at how HUGE our bedroom was!!

Cruise ships are known for their food and this ship was no different! There was a buffet for breakfast, a buffet for lunch and, if you wanted to, you could also have the buffet for dinner! Usually though, we ate dinner in the formal dining room. We shared a table with a wonderful bunch of people from California!

When we weren't busy eating, we lounged around reading books, visited the on-board library, dropped a couple of quarters in the slot machines, went to movies at the on-board movie theater and.....went rock climbing!! (Just Rod, not me!)

OK, now this is REALLY the last posting about our vacation! Thanks again for reading!


4 comments to One more thing....:

Di said...

I'm sad your vacation postings are coming to an end. I think you have missed your calling and need to be a travel consultant! It was so much fun reading about all of those beautiful old cities.
Thanks for sharing your fantastic trip with us all. hugs, di

Jacqniel said...

We had a similar room on our Hawaiian cruise and I am not sure I could go back!

Colleen said...

Your postings of your travels have been so wonderful. I feel like I was with you and Rod, just hiding in the background. lol I have to say, that out of all the pics you've posted, my fav ones are of you and Rod! You two just look so happy together, and I can tell you love each other both so much. I'm very happy you had this terrific trip together! Thank you for "bringing us along" with your tales of what you saw. :)
HUGS to you, my phriend! ~Colleen :)

Sue "T" said...

Hi Annette,
Thank you for showing us the pictures of inside the ship. I know I am goofy, but I have never been on a cruise before and wanted to drool a bit while you let us know what you both did.
Your room was gorgeous, and other than the bedroom, I would have spent alot of time on the deck. I love the ocean, I love the sound of the quiet at night and the mystery of it.
I don't think Bob and I will ever be able to afford a cruise, but you have no idea how much it meant to me to take me along on your trip with you.
You are truly blessed to have the ability to take people along with you and at the end of your trip, have them believe they experienced a bit of it themselves. Thank you so much.
Much love and many hugs and blessings my dear friend,
Sue :-)