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Dubrovnik, Coatia

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Dubrovnick is an important seaport and tourist resort. The primary spot to visit is the city's historic section, which is a medieval fortress. Stone walls up to 20 feet thick surround the "old town." This amazing little town has withstood an earthquake in 1667 and damage done while Croatia was under siege by the Yugoslav army. In fact, it was not unusual for us to see large bullet holes in the walls of the churches, fountains or other buildings within the city walls.
This is outside the "old city" walls.

A 14th-century Franciscan Monastery houses one of Europe's oldest and still functioning pharmacy! It was founded in 1317.

Rod went up about 50 stairs so he could get a peek at Europe's 2nd oldest synagogue. He was sneaky and took a couple of pictures so I could see it.

This is a very typical and beautiful example of what we found in the many, many churches. This one was in the St. Blaise Church which was constructed in the early 1700's.

I appreciate you all continuing to "travel" with me as we sail through the Mediterranean. We only have two stops left, Corfu,Greece and Rome, Italy!

2 comments to Dubrovnik, Coatia:

Di said...

I've loved every stop along "our" trip. You have done a beautiful job of sharing your memories with all of us. Thank you .
hugs, di

Sue "T" said...

I agree with Di in that you have done a wonderful juob sharing your memories with all of us and having us all be a part of your trip.
Croatia was interesting. I never knew much about there before.
That would have given me chills to see those large bullet holes in the walls of fountains, city walls and churches of all places.
Very interesting about Europes oldest functioning pharmacy.
God Bless Rod for going up the 50 steps to the synagogue and taking some pictures for you. What a cool Dr. Man you have there honey.
I would travel with you wherever you go to get the wonderful tour that you have given all of us along with the breathtaking pictures, Annette. I want to thank you for taking the time to take us on the tour with you. I appreciate that so much!!!
Sue :-)