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The Weekend of a Socialite!

Sunday, July 29, 2007
It has been such a nice weekend. On Friday afternoon, I met my sister in Ashland, NE for a bite of lunch at Cheri-O's! We took up a table for about 2 hours while we got caught up on things. She is so busy and has been out of town so much with her work that we hadn't had much of a chance to talk for weeks! Then we went and did a little shopping! You can't beat that combination!!
On Friday evening, we met up with some friends from church at Village Point Shopping Center. After a delicious dinner at the Tin Star we enjoyed a concert in the outdoor amphitheater. We loved hearing an up and coming jazz singer/songwriter, Karly Jurgensen. You can check out some of her work at http://www.karlyjurgensen.com
Saturday evening we drove to Lincoln to attend the wedding reception for a young lady who graduated from high school with Chris. If fact, he went to Hawaii with them as their photographer for their wedding on 7-7-07! It is so strange to go to weddings and such for friends of both Nick and Chris. Especially since Nick and Chris don't even have girlfriends!!! I can safely make a comment about this since I'm sure that neither one of them read this blog. At least I don't think either one of them reads this blog. I doubt they even remember I have one. Oh, wait a minute, Nick did actually write in this blog for me when I was in the hospital.
I'm so glad that both Nick and Chris are so focused on their careers that they don't take up their time with girlfriends! (Maybe that will get me a little bit out of hot water.)
Today Rod and I went to church, out to breakfast and been lazy reading and napping.
It has been such a nice weekend.
And, this has been such a boring blog.

3 comments to The Weekend of a Socialite!:

Di said...

I love boring blogs. I always just love hearing from you. It sounds like you had a great week-end. It sure makes me happy to know you are such a socialite. You go girl!!!!!!! hugs, di

Jacqniel said...

Oh please - boring? Have you read mine lately? :-)
I think yours was exciting! All this activity means you are feeling well and that is perfect.

Colleen said...

Your blog isn't boring! This one was informational, in fact. I'm going to check out that link you posted! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend!
Colleen :)