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The good things about being sick...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
I met a gentleman this last week who was asking about why I needed oxygen. I never like to miss an opportunity to teach people about Pulmonary Hypertension, so I went into my spiel. I explained that Pulmonary Hypertension, or PH, is a progressive lung disease. It is basically high blood pressure of the lungs. (Have you noticed how none of you are missing out on my song and dance either???) The only cure is a lung transplant. The average life expectancy is 3-5 years. I was diagnosed three years ago. He stood there, doing the math and then said, "Can I give you a hug?" Never one to turn down a hug, I of course said, "Yes!" As he hugged he said, "You poor, poor thing!" I told him that he didn't need to feel sorry for me! I have a wonderful life and a wonderful family! I also told him, "Yes, I am sick and yes it's a rotten diagnosis, but there have been so many positive things that have come out of being sick!" He said, "That's a great attitude, but what good can come out of being sick?" So, I told him.
Being sick has brought my family closer together.
Being sick gets me a really good parking spot!
Being sick has allowed me to meet many new people.
Being sick has brought me many new friends.
Being sick has given me time to go to "chick flick" movies during the day.
Being sick has given me time to read.
Being sick has given me time to learn to knit.
Being sick has gotten me out of cleaning the house.
Being sick has given me time to join bible study groups.
Being sick has let me watch "All My Children" without feeling guilty.
Being sick has given me perspective on what is really important.
Being sick has given me time to go to lunch with friends.
Being sick has given me serious bonding time with Charlie.
Being sick has allowed me the time to take trips during the school year.
Being sick has given me "priority boarding" on airplanes.
Being sick has given me time to write.
Being sick has given me more time to buy Peggy Karr plates on Ebay.
Being sick has forced me to slow down and "smell the roses."
Being sick has helped me realize that roses smell really nice.

4 comments to The good things about being sick...:

Colleen said...

Oh Annette, I love this! Being sick really does allow us to realize and appreciate the people and things that many people take for granted. And healthy people just don't get that unless it happens to them. This makes me want to write down everything I've been able to enjoy since I've been sick!
Hugs to you!
Colleen :)

paula54 said...

Hi Annette.
What a sweet little old man that was. I loved what you wrote. I can never get my thoughts out of my head and on to paper. You do a wonderful job. Thanks. Paula

Donna said...

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing positive lesson for all of us to realize how very blessed we are every day! You are truly a model for all of us to follow on appreciating our lives and the people around us.

Love, Donna

Jacqniel said...

Enjoyed seeing you today, dear! As I told you, I loved your list. Now I expect to see something daily from you! :-) Hugs, Jacque