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I love ice cream!!

Monday, July 30, 2007
I had some blood drawn today to see if I am "out of the woods" on the gallbladder stone issue. I'm happy to say that my liver enzymes are back to normal! So, no need for further worrying or potential surgery! Yahoo!! So, to celebrate, I asked Rod to grab me a peanut butter cup Blizzard when he ran out to the store tonight!!
Other than eating ice cream, I did go out to lunch with a couple of friends today, Debbie and Carol. Also, Debbie's daughter Lauren came along! This was a special treat since I taught Lauren in first grade! She is now a music teacher in the school right down the block from where we live! She's also getting married in about 5 weeks, so it was fun to hear all about the plans!
I also managed to finish another scarf to donate to Together, Inc. Several people from the PH discussion boards are knitting and crocheting scarves and hats for the families that Together, Inc. serves. Together, Inc. is a local nonprofit that helps needy families with food, clothing and shelter. When Hurricane Katrina victims landed in Omaha, a bunch of us from the PH discussion boards made scarves and hats for them to help cope with their first "real winter." The director asked me a few months ago if we would be willing to make more so she could keep some on hand. So, the "ph"riends who live out of town mail their finished scarves and hats to me. I sew a little label on them that says, "Made Especially For You By The PH Community." It's really a fun project that gives me a chance to do something worthwhile to do while I'm sitting my lazy butt on the couch watching TV.
OK, that's it for today. I need to go mix my Flolan medicine and get to bed.
Thanks for reading.

3 comments to I love ice cream!!:

Jacqniel said...

I love Together, Inc! I appreciate the fact that they give rather than sell their donated items to people in need.
What a great idea, making the scarves and hats. My mother in law crochets hats for chemo patients. So far, I haven't had the patience to learn.

Jacqniel said...

Please visit my blog.
There is something for you there.
Thank you for all you do.

Colleen said...

Great news about the gallbladder issues!! That defintitely was a cause for celebrating with ice cream!!

If I could crochet, I'd be making lots of stuff for you. Maybe I should take on another craft besides jewelry. Hmmmmm.

Hugs to you!
Colleen :)