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Rested, rejuvinated and ready to show some "vacation" pictures!

Thursday, September 24, 2009
If you would like to read the "low lights" of our recent cruise along the northeast border, be sure to click here.

This post will hopefully provide some of the highlights of our little trip.

Our first port was Portland, Maine. We had scheduled a morning tour around town and around the coastline on an "amphibious duck!" Unfortunately we missed that tour because of "discussing" our luggage and belongings situation with "customer service" people (I use that phrase "customer service" and maybe even the word "people" loosly) and shopping for replacement prescriptions, luggage and underwear, etc., etc., etc.

I'm am always in awe of how Rod can smile and keep his sense of humor under ANY circumstance! No wonder I love that guy!

Here is a picture of Rod's pill caddy after it took it's little ocean dip.

We were able to catch our afternoon shore excursion which was riding on a little "motor coach" around the coastline and through the coastal village of Kennebunkport which included driving past the "Bush Family Compound." No matter what your political opinions are, it is still very cool to see the home where two of our president's spent their summers. The property has been in the Bush family for many generations. If you're interested in a little history about the area, click here.

The United States flag was flying high on the flagpole which, we were told, means that "George and Barbara" were on the property. We saw what looked like a secret service boat driving around the waters by the property and a couple of big white vans that almost looked like a catering company. If they were having a party, we didn't get our invitation....it's probably at the bottom of the ocean back in Boston....

On Wednesday we docked in Bar Harbor. We decided to sleep in a bit, work a little more on our "issues" with the boat and try to relax. In the afternoon we went whale watching! It was very cool! We actually saw two different Finback Whales! If you want some information about these "second largest living animals, after the Blue Whales," click here.

Here is Rod's "look of amazement" after seeing a whale!

What a goofball!

On Thursday we visited the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We took a free bus into town, went to a museum where we learned about the history of the area, including how the people of Halifax were the first at the scene of the Titanic tragedy.

We spent Friday "at sea" sailing back to the Boston Harbor. We had planned on staying over Saturday night in Boston so we could tour the city. But, given how well things had gone on the trip, we decided that we just wanted to get home to our drugged dogs and our own beds.

Well, I need to close this post for the day. I'm off to take a knitting lesson. My dear phriend Cindy and I had promised each other that we were going to take a knitting class so that we could get beyond just knitting scarves. With fall here, I decided I needed to get my behind in gear and learn how to knit, I mean, really knit. So, I'm going to a local knitting store called, "String of Purls" and see if this old dog can learn a new trick.

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.

3 comments to Rested, rejuvinated and ready to show some "vacation" pictures!:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR POSTS! It's been a while since I've checked your blog, but you just made my night!! Soggy undies and all!! :-)

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Wow..Love all the pics..Rod is such a great sport...I am so happy you have such a guy :))

Thx for sharing all the pics...I love the Bush place.It sure is beautiful..I know you both are happy to be home safe..
Rest up and post when ya can..

Hugs :))

The Admiral said...

Hooper's always told me I need to go to Halifax... maybe you're going to convince me.

A friend who lived there years ago said that Halifax was a melancholy place, because so many shipwrecks, including the recovered victims of the Titanic, are buried there.