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The End of an Era...The Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rod and I both grew up in Lincoln, NE. Nebraska has been having their state fair in Lincoln for 140 years. So, if you do the math, Rod and I have been going to the fair for about 10 years. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

The Nebraska State Fair is moving to Grand Island which is more in the center of the state.

As kids, we'd go every year since it was in town. When Rod was in high school he worked at one of the restaurants every fair season, cooking hamburgers. This particular "stand" was owned by the same guy who owned a regular restaurant that Rod worked at during the school year. One year in college,(the college, Nebraska Wesleyan was also in Lincoln) after we started dating, Rod got this idea that it would be fun for the both of us to go back and work the state fair booth one year. I really don't know why Rod thought that was such a fun thing to do! I mean, it was fun working with Rod, but it was hot, tough long hours! But, we'd get up early, go to the fair, work all day and then go on a couple of rides before we called it a day. We also got into the fair for free and did make some pretty decent money!

When Nick and Chris were little, we'd take them to the fair every year. They would love the rides, the animals and, of course, the food! I don't know about you, but there's nothing better than a good funnel cake!

Rod and I have gone a couple of times since I got sick. It's not really an easy place to maneuver. The last time we rented a scooter and that made a big difference. I really wasn't sure about going this year because of my stupid knee. But, since it was the last year for the fair to be in Lincoln, we figured we needed to go. So Friday night after Rod got home from work, we headed on down to Lincoln. Luckily the scooter rentals just happened to be at the entrance where we parked! (Another one of those little "miracle moments!") We loaded up the scooter with my O2, medicine and other crap, then started out. I'm just going to jump right to the end of this story...The fair this year was really, really pathetic! We don't know if it was because the organizers knew it was the last year or if it was the economy, we're not sure. But, we really did expect...MORE! It started out with the beloved funnel cake that ended up being, now I'm quoting my beloved husband...."It was a GUT BOMB!" Here he is, ordering said "GUT BOMB!"

After that, we basically wandered around the fairgrounds for about an hour, trying to find something interesting to see. There were some big John Deere displays and the Budweiser Clydesdales, but they were in these little cages, sleeping.

After a TOTAL of 90 minutes we decided to go home. On the way to the car we hit the highlight of the evening.....



Rod took this picture. Not until I downloaded it to put on this blog post did I realized that I was talking to the wrong end of 850 pound "Harold."

I would like to wish Grand Island much luck in rebuilding the Nebraska State Fair. It's not beyond me to drive that extra mile for a good funnel cake.

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to The End of an Era...The Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln:

Colleen said...

That is certainly a very LONG time for a fair to be running in the same place! It's sad to have it move, I'm sure. I hope it has a lot of success in the future in Grand Island, though!

There is an annual festival near here that I've been going to since I was a kid. It's called the Peach Festival! It's in a little town called Lewiston, which I love, and they have rides, tons of food, funnel cakes, and the featured peach cobbler! When we were little, we'd park at my Grandpa's place, walk up the hill (yes, walked UP a hill, and I'm not sure how I ever got up the hills!), and wander around for what seemed like forever. Now when we go, we spend maybe an hour or an hour and a half there. We mostly just eat and see who we can find that we know! I've also started collecting little bobbing head turtle figures, to put on my windowsill in the kitchen. It's a fun time, and brings back many memories! :)

Whoops, I wrote a book!! LOL Hugs!

Di said...

I too have such fond memories of the State Fair. So sad that "our" fair has not been able to keep adding and growing like the Iowa State Fair. I am hopeful it will do well in its new location? So glad you and Rod made the trip down for Old Times sake!!
hugs, di

Anonymous said...

Wow..sad to hear about the fair..That just "sucks"..
Funnel cakes are usually the main thing at the fair..LOL

Well at least you got a scooter and a few pics..Maybe once it starts next time you will go visit and it will be much better..

Take care Cutie;)

Hugs :)))