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Couch Potato Diaries...Day 12....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Well, I went to the specialist on Monday. She was very nice. She's trying a new cutting edge type of approach where she uses an ultrasound machine to look directly at the knee and find where most of the fluid is so she can just insert the needle there and not have to "dig around" looking for the best spot. She also promised to give me a tad bit more numbing medicine so it wouldn't hurt so much. Such good theories.......

She went into a different pocket of fluid and was unable to get anything out. It was also all congealed blood. Even though she used an 18 gauge needle (now and forever known as a BIG-ASS needle) she was not able to get out any blood, whereas the doctor last Monday was at least able to get out some blood with the same, BIG ASS needle. After she dug around a bit trying to get some fluid out, she decided to inject some steroids. The thought is that I have damaged my knee causing it to bleed. Because I'm on blood thinners I bleed more than the average Joan. The blood then clots and gets absorbed and things are all better. But, every time the dogs clip me, run into me, wag their tail and hit my knee, it gets re-injured and bleeds again, starting the whole vicious cycle all over again.

We can't find out what the exact damage is because that would mean an MRI would have to be done. I can't have an MRI because of my Flolan pump. So, for now, I'm staying off my feet as much as I need to, keeping it elevated, and iced. I'm also going to keep wearing this BIG ASS brace (it just FEELS good to type BIG ASS and not be referring to my body)until my knee feels stable. Also, Rod has made me promise not to carry any more 40 pound boxes of plums which is what appears to have been the latest trigger for this cycle.

The knee actually feels better tonight and I actually went out and ran an errand this afternoon. I took some clothes to the cleaners and, while I was out I figured it was necessary to swing through the Dairy Queen drive-through and get a blizzard. We all KNOW that Blizzards can cure almost anything!

A positive thing that has come out of this latest bump in the road is having the opportunity to once again experience some of the little miracles that God provides and we are usually too busy to pay attention to or notice. Here's an example, one that may look silly or small to some, but my phriends with O2 will understand. Up until last night (when my knee was starting to feel better) I have not had my long, long line of O2 tubing stuck or crimped AT ALL! I could go anywhere, whether I was pushing my walker or sitting on and rolling my walker or actually trying to walk all over the first floor and NOT ONCE did I have to back-track to free my tubing! NOT ONCE!

Another positive thing that has happened over this last week is to take advantage of my constant sitting position and scanned some pictures from Nick and Kara's wedding that Kara's mom and aunt took. We haven't seen the "official" pictures yet, but these "amateur" shots are great!

This is a shot at the rehearsal night.

This is a picture from the delicious picnic that Kara's parents hosted for relatives and out of town visitors. This is my beloved and significantly older sister (in the middle...you're welcome Kathleen) her daughter Maggie on the left and her other daughter Katie. Such beautiful girls, inside and out!

Here is a really nice shot of Kara, her brother and sister and their grandma!

Here's a shot of Chris sticking his brother with the pin for his boutineer!

My, how they have grown!

And, my favorite picture...

If that's not the look of love, I don't know what is!

Well, I think that's enough for this post. As always, thanks for checking in and thanks for reading.


4 comments to Couch Potato Diaries...Day 12....:

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures Annette! You may want to call Uncle John and talked to him about BIG ASS..we used it quite a bit back in the 4th grade years. BAS-BIG ASS stapler. BAP-BIG ASS pencil you get the picture. And yes it does make one feel so much better to say those two little words. The blizzard thing...yes, that does cure all things as well!!

Stay off your feet and remember if you need something give me a shout, I'll do what I can. :-)

Di said...

We missed you today at book club but Becky filled us in.
I loved seeing the pictures of the wedding week-end. Such a wonderful time for all of you. Keep those pictures coming!!
Tell your dogs to be gentle with you.
hugs, di

Colleen said...

As your phriend, Annette, I must scold you!! Lifting 40lb boxes of plums???? You're crazy!! Don't do that again!!

And now, I must say that I am jealous that you haven't had to play war with your o2 tubing! I have War of the Words with mine. I trip over it, get tangled in it, whatnot, and then I yell a variety of choice words hoping that'll fix it. Sadly, it always seems to win the war!!

Beautiful pictures!! I can't wait to see the "official" ones!

Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

Whats up with all those plums??? taht is really TOO HEAVY...but they do look yum;)

Looks like it would be a BIG ASS BOX ;))

Hope your knee gets betetr soon...and of course..a DQ Blizzard helps all :))

Great pics..thx for sharing...

Hugs :))