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Couch Potato Diaries...Day 8...

Saturday, August 29, 2009
I was getting ready to go see the doctor yesterday when I got this phone call from a doctor's office asking if I'd like to reschedule the appointment I missed at 11:00 that morning. Being a bit more confused than normal, I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that I had missed an 11:00 appointment with Dr. Somebody who was suppose to ultrasound and inject my knee. I told her that I had a 1:00 appointment with Dr. Somebody Else who was just going to look at my knee. She then proceeded to tell me how she spoke with me personally Wednesday afternoon and had scheduled the appointment with me to see Dr. Somebody at 11:00 to have an ultrasound and injection on Friday. Now, here's the problem. I was on LOTS of pain pills Wednesday and slept most of the day. But, I DO remember getting a phone call from Dr. Somebody Else's office and making an appointment for 1:00 on Friday. I even wrote it on my calendar! So then she asked me again if I wanted to go ahead and reschedule my missed appointment with Dr. Somebody for the ultrasound and injection. I said, that no, I wanted to come and see Dr. Somebody Else at 1:00. She told me I didn't have an appointment with Dr. Somebody Else and what would I like to do. I told her I wanted to... CALL MY HUSBAND!! Now, having a doctor in the house comes in very handy. But, looking back I'm pretty sure my sanity and level of maturity were in question by this point and my comment of wishing to call my husband sounded more like a child who wanted to "TALK TO MY DADDY! HE'LL STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT! HE'LL STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT!!"
I'm scheduled now to see Dr. Somebody for an ultrasound and "possible" injection on Monday. I really hope I don't see the lady that was on the phone...

Topic change....BOOK REPORT!
Being chained to the couch has helped me get some reading done. This week I read James Patterson's 8th book in his"Women's Murder Club" series. It's called,
"The Eighth Confession."

I enjoy James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series and his "Alex Cross" series. I am a little miffed that he no longer seems to be writing his books by himself. But, he keeps cranking books out at record speed, has movie and TV deals, video games and even things to help motivate kids to read. I suppose it would be impossible for him to be able to do it all by himself. He also has quite a website. I would give it 8 puppy paws up.

Speaking of "puppy paws," Asa and Haver are birthday boys today! They turned two years old! Haver's latest Prozac increase has proved to have a very positive effect on his behavior. He is though, having trouble sharing the couch with Rod!

And, dear sweet Asa just had to "kiss-up" to mom by showing how much he loves Peggy Karr plates!

No, there was NOT a Peggy Karr plate in the box and NO, he did NOT get to chew the box!

Well, that's all for now.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Thanks for reading.


2 comments to Couch Potato Diaries...Day 8...:

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to the puppies!! I can't believe they are 2 already??? Geesh, time flies!

I hope Dr. Someone can help you, but if not, maybe there is always Dr. Someone Else. I just love how you wrote that!! LOL

Many hugs to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow,,those puppies are getting big so fast...already 2???

OMG..well sometimes we do revert back to our childhood...LOl especially if we are full of pain pills...
Hope thia Monday..you do see Dr Somebody...LOL

Take care Cutie;))
Hugs :))