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I can't believe that it's been almost a month!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009
So, here's the deal. While I've been gone...

**I worked and worked on the videos for Nick and Kara's wedding. I would really like to show them on this site, but I'm going to need to ask them first if it's OK. But, I can show you a couple of pictures...
This is Kara when she was about 2 years old:

Here's Nick around the same age:

One of the funnest discoveries was pictures of them doing similar things at a similar age, thousands of miles apart!

Kara eating spaghetti:

Nick eating spaghetti:

Isn't it just crazy?!?!?

**While I've been gone I also had to be the "responsible adult" because Rod went out of town which means I had to do extra chores which wore me out and gave me less time and energy to be a "good blogger."

**While I've been gone I had lunch with my friend Paula and her son, Jason. Jason was visiting his mom after a "camp-out vacation" that he took with Chris and some other friends from high school.

**While I've been gone I also had lunch and went to a movie with my niece Katie!

Katie has recently started blogging. You should check out her site!

We saw the movie "Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3-D!"

It was a really funny movie and the 3-D stuff is AWESOME!! I'd give it 8 puppy paws up!!

**And, of course, while I was gone, Nick and Kara became husband and wife. I don't have any of their wedding pictures yet. But, I do have a really nice one of during the rehearsal.

I will be sharing more pictures and stories from their wedding when we get some of the pictures back. Just know it was fabulous and we are so blessed to have Kara and her family in our family.

**One more thing....While I've been gone:
I really, really hurt my knee. I've been on "couch rest for the last 4-5 days and am seeing the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, now that I'm back in "blogger mode" I'll get back here and fill in lots of blanks.

I sure hope that there are people that will be coming back to check in and read what all is going on in the Markin household. I know it's a lot to ask to be gone for a month and to expect paeople to want to come back to read and see pictures and such. So, if you're reading this, thank you so very much for checking in and coming back.

More to come....I PROMISE!!

much love

4 comments to I can't believe that it's been almost a month!!:

Bonnie said...

Annette so happy your back blogging. I enjoyed the pictures of the kids and can't wait to see pictures of their special day!! Sounds like you've been very busy but don't forget to take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing with those of us that follow you.

Take care of the knee.

Bonnie, NV

Anonymous said...

Hi Stranger..
I figured you were busy with the wedding and all..You better rest up and take care of that knee...

Great pics..will wait for more...Best wishes to Nick & Kara:))

Hugs :)))

Di said...

Annette sooooo very happy to have you back blogging again. I knew how busy you had been, but also was worried about you!! I am so anxious to see pictures of the wedding! Isn't it wonderful for our kids to have pick such great life partners? We are blessed for sure.
Let me know if you need any help. I am here for YOU.
hugs, di

Katie said...

Thanks for the mention! : ) And that picture turned out well! I ran into Kara's family at the Lincoln Farmer's Market yesterday and Jeannie said she had read my blog -- so cool!