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A Nice weekend...

Sunday, July 26, 2009
My beloved sister came up from Lincoln Friday afternoon and we went to the new Katherine Heigl movie, "The Ugly Truth."

It was an entertaining movie with a happy ending. But, you need to know that it is a little crude at times and it is rated "R." But, I LOVE Katherine Heigl

and Gerard Butler

is also pretty easy on the eyes!! I would certainly give it about 7 puppy paws up!

Friday night Rod and I decided to stay home, watch some TV and play with the dogs. By the way, I forgot to show you the nice little "partner" that Asa had on his head the other day...
WARNING!! THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR WEAK OF STOMACH! Asa had a very full and disgusting...

This is the ugly guys belly!

Rod "snuffed" the little blood-sucker!

OK, let's move onto a nicer and more pleasant topic...
I'm working on a video of Nick and Kara to be shown at their wedding reception and the picnic that we are hosting the next day. I thought I'd show you a couple of my favorite pictures of Nick from his "early years!"

Nick was just a couple of months old when this photo was shot.

Here's another one of he and his dad playing. Rod has a hard time looking at this picture...so much hair....so long ago...

And here is an adorable one of he and Chris. This is their first Christmas together. Chris is about 3 months old and Nick is 26 months old.

Boy oh boy, they've really grown up!

Well, I have more to tell you. But, I really need to go sneak in a nap. I'll post some more later.

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to A Nice weekend...:

The Luke Family said...

I so want to see the Ugly Truth..if it has 7 puppy paws, I'm sure I'll enjoy (when it's out on rental or Lifetime someday!) I'm getting ready to scan all of my mom's pictures and make some cds out of them for my brothers. I'm sure it'll be an undertaking..but SO worth it. I would love to see your video when it's finished. I remember Patti's video of her parents was extremely emotional and special. Yours will be too without a doubt. Plus I would get to see Auntie Annette in her younger days. :-)

Take care. Much love and prayers your way,

Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie;))
Sounds like a great weekend:))
I love all the pics..I am sure the video will be awesome...Hope you have a great week..

BTW..I am thinking some Phriends are too busy on FB, farming and other things to update their Blogs..I will try and remind a few...LOL..Thx for updating..I am trying to do mine weekly at least...LOL
That tick is gross..huge....
Take care...Hugs:))

Annette said...

Nice try, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any "young Annette's" anywhere in THIS video!! :) Give all three boys a hug for me.

Annette said...

That tick IS gross! It's so much uglier than it was in real life! Take care of you.