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A Pictorial Review of my Nightly Chores when Rod is Gone

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
When Rod goes out of town, I have to pick up some of his nightly chores. They're not a big deal, but, it's really, really nice when he's home and I don't have to do them. It's good to be "the lazy one." It's good to be "The Queen!"

Chore #1. Taking care of the horses. This means talking to them and making sure they're OK.

This is Doc. We "inherited" both Doc and Dude...

from some friends that moved from a farm just outside of Omaha to Florida. They are about 12-13 years old. About 6 years ago Doc contracted the West Nile Virus. He survived and the only problem he's left with is his lower lip is paralyzed.

Can you see how his lower lip just hangs there? It doesn't bother him though. As you can see he's a typical Markin, nice and big!

I also have to fill their front water tank (Haver is taking a drink.)

and the back water tank.

I also give each of them a can of grain

in their stalls.

Chore #2. Feeding the fish. We "inherited" a salt-water tank from some friends who moved to Boston. (Notice the beautiful fish-themed Peggy Karr plates?)

We've been asked if it's hard to take care of a salt-water tank, we just say, "No. The "fish girl" comes by every Tuesday and cleans the tank!" We do have to feed them every night.

Chore #3. Give the dogs their Prozac. :)

4. Then I take them outside to "do their business." You'll be happy to know that I didn't take pictures of that. But I do have pictures of them playing around outside. Just in case you can't tell, Haver is in the front!

5. Then I give "the boys" a treat while I mix and switch my Flolan.

Rod gets home tonight. I'll be more than happy to let him do "his chores" while I watch "Saving Grace!"

Thanks for reading.


6 comments to A Pictorial Review of my Nightly Chores when Rod is Gone:

LaDonna said...

Hi Annette,
It makes me tired to see all that work that you have to do when Rod is gone. All the walking and dragging the oxygen around is just too much work. Don't you just hate carrying that oxygen around all the time?
I also wanted to say that I enjoy your lists with the "tired" put in several times. O! how so true.
Take Care!

Annette said...

Thanks for the post, LaDonna! Yes, I HATE dragging the O2 and tubing around. But, I guess I hate feeling crummy and passing out more! :)
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I am happy Rod is back helping you be the "Queen" you are...It looks like a lot of work...
Rest up and take it aesy...

Hugs :))

Teddybear said...

WOW Annette that is a lot to do when Rod is gone, glad he is back.

What beautiful horses, the fist tank is georgeous I wish I still had my fish.

Your dogs look so peaceful, so I am guessing the extra Prozak is working.

So how is your knee? Do you have to have surgery on it or just take meds for it? Glad I was able to read your post today. Blessings to you and your family, love Deb

Annette said...

It's great to hear from you Deb! My knee is actually starting to feel better. I'm hoping and praying that taking this Celebrex on a regular basis is going to do the trick. How are you? Please send me an email and let me know, ok?

The Admiral said...

I'm surprised you watch Saving Grace, since she is one of My People.

Hooper watched Holly Hunter in "Network News" years ago when he was out of town, and he called me and said "I've just seen a movie about you." He was pretty right.