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Hello, just checking in...

Thursday, July 9, 2009
I know I've been horrible about keeping up my blog. I have over a dozen excuses and some of them are actually quite good, reasonable, believable and some are even true.

1. I've been busy.
2. We had a big 4th of July party.
3. I'm tired.
4. My knee "blew up" again, just this last Monday.
5. Rod and Chris are motorcycling around the country and I have extra household chores.
6. I'm tired.
7. I don't know what to write.
8. I was looking for a "Mother of the Groom" dress. ( I found one.)
9. I got sucked into watching the Michael Jackson "memorial."
10. I'm tired.
11. I'm really missing Cindy.
12. Did I mention that I'm tired?
13. I'm "working" on a video of Nick and Kara for the wedding. ("working" is in quotes because I've been doing more thinking than doing....kind of like this blog)
14. I got my hair permed.
15. I'm tired.
16. I really miss Cindy.
17. Did I mention that I'm tired?

Now, if I was to play "Armchair Psychiatrist" I would say that I'm probably a bit depressed over losing Cindy, losing Jan from our support group and Mason from the ph community.

I have had a rough week with this stupid knee, especially since it has coincided with Rod being on his trip with Chris. But, I went to the doctor today. I've increased my steroids and am to continue to keep my leg up and ice my knee. If it's better by Monday, then I'm to slowly back off the extra steroids. If it's not better, than the doctor is going to drain it. He's so apprehensive about draining it because of the risk of infection. Plus, it will most likely eventually fill up again and then we've got a bit of a vicious cycle. I have an appointment with my PH doctor scheduled for next Wednesday. I'm to ask him if I could take some Celebrex. That might help, but it will interfere with my blood thinner, so we'll have to work that out.

I appreciate the emails that a couple of you have sent. I wanted to at least get this kind of a non-informative and excuse filled blog so that you all would know that I'm OK, really. I'm just tired, my knee hurts and I'm a bit too unfocused to write anything intelligent.

So, I'll be getting back into the groove and updating you on the "Wild Markin Household."

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.


10 comments to Hello, just checking in...:

paula54 said...

SOOOOOO glad to see you post and e-mail. I was ready to send Carie over to beat down your door! Keep that knee up lady and take care! Love, Paula

Anonymous said...

There's my Cutie:))
Keep that knee up and take care...
Rest is the best thing for being tired and yea I am sure you are quite depressed after all the losses..Hang in there my Phriend...

LaDonna said...

I am so glad to see your post. I was worried that you were very sick.
Please that care of yourself and rest alot. God Bless LaDonna

The Luke Family said...

Oh Auntie Annette...you know you can't go MIA for very long without us hunting you down. We do worry about you my friend. I've also had my phone line checked because you haven't called for me to help with anything or even more importantly you haven't called for a Blizzard. I've heard they do wonders for all your ailments! Don't forget to get your Blizzard on August 13th to support Children's Miracle Network. They work for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner! :-) School's going to be starting sooner than I'd like (yes, I did bite my tongue!) so we've really been enjoying the lazy days of summer in the nice cold A/C.

Sending much love,
Lisa and family

Donna said...

I'm happy to see you back on the blog! It was great to see you at book club and I loved your info on the author. Thanks for sharing that. If you feel up to PEO Monday, let me know. I'm picking up an unaffiliate near you and would be happy to bring you,too. Get your rest this weekend and give us some more book reviews.

Annette said...

Paula, thank YOU for keeping track of me. Feel free to still send Carie over, but she might want to stay in the car so the dogs don't get her! :)

Annette said...

Thank you Jen. You can bet that I've kept up my "Blizzard Diet" through all of this.

Annette said...

LaDonna, thank you so much for the very heartfelt card and for posting here. You take care of yourself too.

Annette said...

Lisa, I'll be more than happy to do my part for the Children's Miracle Network! Too bad I couldn't use my receipts from the last two weeks! You guys would be loaded!!

Annette said...

Donna, thank you my friend. I'll let you know about Monday. I'll see what my knee does over the next couple of days. Thanks for posting.