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Hot, hot, hot!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008
It is 7:34 p.m. and it's still 96 degrees. The dew point is at 71%, which makes the heat index 103 degrees! So, what did we do for dinner tonight? We decided to go OUT TO DINNER!! We went to Panera's and Rod...get this...had FRENCH ONION SOUP!! It feels like 103 outside and he eats HOT SOUP!! He is one tough, tough man! I had salad and a chicken salad sandwich. Then, in case I hadn't decided going out to dinner when it felt like 103 wasn't bad enough, I asked Rod if we could go and look at our friend's house that backs up to the Elkhorn River. Their property is slowly "landsliding away" into the river. THEN, just to prove how stupid I am, I decided to walk around their property....WITHOUT MY OXYGEN!!! I figured I would just do a quick walk around and hop right back into the air conditioned car. Of course, nothing is every as "quick and easy" as you think it's going to be! (ex: diets, New Year's resolutions, cooking, puppy training...) So, now I'm sitting on the couch, sucking on the O2 and blogging about how stupid I can still be...Evidently wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age...

A couple of friends told me that they thought it was so great how I added pictures to my blog...

But, like I told them pictures take up space and then I don't have to write as much!!

So, I firmly believe that this posting proves that I am BOTH STUPID AND LAZY!! It's good to be me!!

4 comments to Hot, hot, hot!!:

paula54 said...

Hi Annette. Yes it is HOT! I sang at an outdoor surprise 50th anniversary celebration yesterday evening. I'm paying for it today. Totally wiped me out! Oh well.....
Carie's brother-in-law, Chris, is building a house down on the Elkhorn. It's beautiful there! It's their home away from Buffalo, where he plays for the Bills. Love your cartoons! Take care, Paula

Anonymous said...

Oh Annette...Do we ever learn?LOL
I know I am the same, trying to be superwoman and then my body lets me know really quick, I am not!!! Oh Darn!!!

Panera sounds good, but I agree the soup would have not been my choice..

You take care and "rejuice" as I say...


barbara said...

very good pictures I love them, I really like the one of you, you are a beauty annette.
check my blogger next week and vote for my DIL in a singing contest, so she can win supplies for her children in her class at school. You have heard her tape, I will send the address as soon as I get it to you all.
Her name is Tiffany Howard
I got cellulitis on my face from the oxygen tubing laying on my belly, Lol. I paid for that one dearly.

Colleen said...

I just love your posts, Annette. You always make me smile when I read whatever you've written. Or not written with pictures!

Colleen :)