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A few puppy pictures

Monday, August 4, 2008
I realized today that I haven't posted any new pictures of "the boys" for quite a few days. I almost hate to say this, and am quite afraid of the possibility of jinxing anything but....they've been pretty well behaved! I think heat waves are really good for wearing out puppies! So either 1.they are getting better or 2.we have lowered our expectations....Let's vote for #1!!

Haver, the hunter...He's tracking a "killer" spider....

Nick visited on Sunday. We were sitting in the sunroom as he was trying to give me a tutorial on some features of my laptop that I had no idea even existed. Asa came along and decided to "cuddle" Nick.

While Asa was cuddling, Haver found something else he wanted to hunt. I'm not sure what it was. In fact, I'm betting that HE didn't even know what he was looking for! But, he had to go under the footstool to find it and then he got stuck! It's tough when your're a big boy!

By the way, he got out of his predicament by standing up and toppling the footstool! Way to problem solve, Haver!!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.


4 comments to A few puppy pictures:

barbara said...

well looks like you have them a little under control there now. LOl
almost as bad as kids you know. the two here follow wherever I go they drive me nuts, they get in my way when I am trying to do a 6 minute walk.

Anonymous said...

Puppies, LOL
They are big boys now....I hope they continue to be good ...
Loved your "Hunk " comment..Manny did as well..LOL

I posted about that as well as my Blizzard and thought of you:))

Take care, Cutie:))


Wendy's Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy's Mom said...

Haver reminds me of my last Lab Chelsea. She loved to hunt and crawl under things, and yes she would get stuck too. LOL!! But they look so sweet and innocent!!
Ava looks like he has a real loveable side but unfortunately he cannot be that way all the time, otherwise life would not be fun. LOL!
Give them a BIG hug and kiss from Wendy and I.

Sheila and Wendy!

BTW, I deleted the above post because I wrote SHE instead of HE when talking about one of the boys, and thought I needed to change that. LOL!!