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I Can't Wait!!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007
Write this next statement down on your calendars....I did NOT go out to lunch yesterday and I am NOT going out to lunch today! (Although, some would say that I am ALWAYS out to lunch!!)
Yesterday, I did go to pulmonary rehab. I didn't make it on Tuesday, since I was so busy getting ready to go to lunch, eating lunch and then relaxing after lunch. (It's sounds like a good excuse, right?) Anyway, since I didn't get there on Tuesday, I decided to push myself a bit yesterday. Also, I won't be going next week because...have I told you???? Rod and I are going to a little vacation! Just the two of us! We are leaving Monday the 6th for Seattle! We'll come home on Saturday the 11th! We are going to have such a great time! Traveling with me though is always a unique experience. I can't go through the metal detector because of the Flolan medicine pump. I can't, of course, take it off since it's attached to me and there is a risk of the metal detector causing havoc with the pump, which is a really bad idea. Plus, I have to take my back-up pump and cassette of mixed Flolan which needs to be kept on ice. Plus, I have to take several days worth of medicine with me on the plane and with all of the new "safety rules" I have to have a prescription label on everything. PLUS, I have my Inogen O2 concentrator. Few of the security guys have seen and Inogen concentrator, so that always gets one or two people excited. So, usually my "entourage" gets quite a workout! But, there is one perk. We always get to board the plane early which means we always have our choice of overhead storage! :)
Anyway, the point of the title "I Can't Wait" doesn't have anything to do with the trip (which of course I also can't wait for!), it has to do with what is happening tonight! My sister and I are going to the AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT TONIGHT AT THE QWEST CENTER!! I got us some great FLOOR SEATS on Ebay!! It is going to be so exciting! Kathleen and I are already taking bets on the style and color of Sanjaya's hair!! I'll be sure to let you know all about it! I'm trying to be lazy today (hence no lunch date) so that I can be all rested and ready to be entertained!!

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to I Can't Wait!!!!!!:

Jacqniel said...

What fun! Enjoy both tonights concert and next week's trip.
Hugs, Jacque

Di said...

It sounds like you have a full slate ahead of you. The American Idol concert will be great fun. Can't wait to hear the report on your blog. Your trip with Rod will be wonderful, metal detectors and all. I know you will keep smiling and melt everyones hearts!
Anxious to hear all about it and maybe plan a lunch date!!!
love, di

Colleen said...

Oh how nice Annette!! You get to see Sanjaya's hair, and you get to go on a nice little trip!! I don't know which one is more exciting!! LOL! I hope you have a fabulous time doing both!
~Colleen :)