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I'm having a hard time getting to sleep...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I'm stopping by for a quick request. I'm scheduled to take yet another "fricken" test tomorrow. This one is called an "Exercise Pulmonary Function Stress Test.

Now I've done the treadmill stress test before.

I've also taken a pulmonary function test before.

It's just that I've never taken an "Excercise Pulmonary Function stress test."

I honestly feel that I'm being a wimp and have no reason to be nervous about this test. It's just that I'm a bit tired of doing uncomfortable tests, with results that come in with no answers. I'm worried (irrationally worried I should add) that I'm going to take yet another test, and learn that the only thing wrong with me is that I'm an old woman who is overweight and out of shape.

So, if I may be selfish, would you please pray that this test is not too difficult, I'm able to push myself hard enough so that the doctors can analyze the information and get some answers, AND that the results do not include any of the following words, "Mrs. Markin, these results show that you have turned into a lazy lump. Your biggest problems are that you are just really overweight, really out of shape and lazy."

I will also be getting my blood drawn to see if I'm still anemic.

OK, that's all for now. I really need to be trying harder to clear my head and get some sleep.

Thank you so much for checking in.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog
And, thanks for caring.


4 comments to I'm having a hard time getting to sleep...:

Di said...

hugs, di

Jeane said...

Prayers are with you.
Just wondering where you got that "cartoon" of ME swimming in the Bahamas?!?

paula54 said...

Well.....Those are the words most of us dread. "You're just overweight and lazy!" Yeah well I say,' SHOVE IT!"

Anonymous said...

Hope your results showed something to help ya Cutie ;)
If not, just grab a DQ Blizzard..oh wait that is what helps put us outta shape...or should I say more of a shape..LOL
Hope you & the fam are well..

Hugs :))