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Hello. I know you may not remember me, but my name is Annette Markin...

Monday, March 1, 2010
I am an old woman who lives in Omaha, NE. I have been fighting a sinus infection/bug for a little over a month now. I've been waiting to get the results of a CT scan of my sinuses and "sample" from my nasal passageway. (That is close to the most disgusting thing I have ever written!) Well, I just got off the phone with the doctor and I've decided to officially change my name to FRUSTRATED!! I know I should be happy with the results of, "Clear CT scan" and "No bacteria growth in sample." I should also be happy with, "There is no reason to put you on antibiotics, especially since it will really mess with your coumadin." It's just that the following phrase put my very patient, mild-mannered personality into a tailspin..."It's just a virus..." How many of you have put up with some kind of a bug, hoping for some medicine to make it go away, but get smacked with the words, "It's a virus" and know the bug has won and will stay as long as it wants to? I've tried to behave, eating healthy, going to bed early, drinking lots of fluids. But, "Mrs. Doormat" is gone!! I'm off to the Dairy Queen to get a LARGE BLIZZARD!!!

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.
I'm back and I'm eating ice cream!

7 comments to Hello. I know you may not remember me, but my name is Annette Markin...:

Nancy said...

I think a Blizzard is an antibiotic and will zap that bug out of your system.

Take care, Annette, and get well soon!

Donna said...

I think the Blizzard is the very best idea and think that sounds darn good to me right now! I'm glad to see your posting--I was getting worried. If you feel up to Book Club Thursday I'd be happy to pick you up.
Love, Donna

Bonnie said...

Oh Annette I hope you start feeling better than later, especially since we're going into spring and Easters coming. I know we have snow too but it's something to look forward too. Annette, I'm glad you posted and a blizzard to me sounds pretty good too. Hang in there!!!


paula54 said...

I found your blog again!!! I thought it was lost forever. After reading back posts I won't ask how you've been. I had the crud for 11 days. And just as fast as it came on, it left. And now I see you've joined the movie star ranks. COOL!!! I love your dogs! They make me smile. :) Hope you enjoyed your blizzard and I mean the kind you eat!

Colleen said...

I hear Blizzards are wonderful at making people feel better!! I really hope that bug takes off soon! Feel better, my phriend! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

I love you, I love your personality, I love your antics, and I love that you speak your mind. You do our hearts good Auntie Annette!

Lisa and the boys

Anonymous said...

Haha..Funny Annette, I just postd about a Blizzard on your Facebook page.

Yes..after dealing with that mess so long, it is crappy when they say its just a virus!!

Take care & feel better..Good to se ya post..
Hugs :))