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Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
I need to get my rear end into the kitchen and mix my Flolan. But, I realized I hadn't posted for a couple of days and I decided to plop down on my "nest" (that's what Rod calls my spot in the family room...comfy couch, remote control, knitting and computer and a bottle of H2O!)and send a quick note. Three semi-big things over the last couple of days...
1. I got my hair cut yesterday!

I haven't had my hair cut since Nick and Kara's wedding (which was in August), so you can imagine how much I looked like Asa and Haver!

2. I had lunch today with a wonderful friend named Pat (I LOVE to call her Aunt Patsy...just to drive her nuts!).

3. I have not had a fever in TWO days!! ( I did have a slight one on Monday...crap!)
I have two days of antibiotics left. I think I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get one more week's worth. I really, really, really think I've just about kicked this stupid virus! (But keep your fingers crossed and send a little prayer that I don't get my beloved husband's cold that he came down with this weekend. Poor guy...)

I know, it's not very exciting, but, Patsy (I love you Aunt Patsy! :)) made me promise that I would do a better job of posting, so here I am.

It actually got up to 50 degrees today AND....THE SUN SHOWED IT'S BEAUTIFUL FACE!! This was the first time we've had the sun in over two weeks! Tomorrow is suppose to be 60 and sunny! I'm so excited to sit outside and play with my pups!!

Anyway, that's it.

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.


3 comments to Happy Wednesday!:

Jeane said...

Wow, cute hair cut!
(You are much cuter than Haver and Asa.) So glad that you are finally feeling better. Looks like today is going to be beautiful.
We need to get together soon.

Di said...

Love the cute hair cut Annette. Hopefully you will finally kick this virus you have been dealing with for much too long. We will be praying. hugs, di

Anonymous said...

"Oh beautiful..." I keep thinking back to the way your kids greeted anyone into their classroom. Yes, they'd be singing loud and proud for you today. :-)

One of these nice spring days, I'll have to bring the boys over with some carrots for the ponies. I'm sure they'd get a kick out of your friends. They still talk about your puppies too-how they were SOOOO big mom! And they tried to lick us too! (don't have the heart to tell them, I think the dogs were trying to eat them-not lick them!)

Much love,