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Two seconds is all it took to remind me why I don't look in mirrors...

Sunday, January 10, 2010
I made a huge mistake today. It was a very sunny (but still cold) day. It was nice to actually see that bright guy! We've missed him here in the plains! Anyway, I walked into the little bathroom by our family room that has a nice window which really allows the afternoon sun to stream in. I don't know why I did it...I usually have much more self control...maybe I was tired...maybe I was temporarily "stupified" due to the sun bouncing off all of the snow...but...I actually looked at my reflection in the mirror. I know! You're all probably yelling at your computer now saying, "Annette! What were you thinking!?! You're 53 years old, you're on lots of drugs, you're overweight, you're tired, you haven't been out of the house for days...why would you look at yourself! But, I did. I stared at the OLD woman with thinning hair, red blotchy "Flolan skin," bags that you'd be charged extra for if you were flying in an airplane, chins that can no longer be zoned for just "double-wide" and a lovely plastic (but, Latex-free) cannula sticking up my nose, wrapped around my face and draped behind my ears. And, by the way...have my ears always stuck out that much or is it just a change that's occurred from years of oxygen use?!?!

After the shock wore off I wondered what a person would have to do to become a vampire so that you'd never have to look at your reflection again.

I was so traumatized by the experience I had to ask Rod to go up to Dairy Queen and get me a Blizzard.

How was YOUR day?

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2 comments to Two seconds is all it took to remind me why I don't look in mirrors...:

Di said...

Been there, done that...always ask, what was I thinking???? I'm with ya sister.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have some clever comment for you, but I'm drained after the first day back to school in forever. So, I'll just ask this one simple question, "What kind of blizzard do you always get?" I'm thinking a chocolate chip cookie dough with chocolate ice cream or a Reese's pb cup w/ choc. ice cream sound pretty good. You snubbed your nose at my pumpkin blizzard last fall-just thought I'd check to see what your poison was.

Miss ya-love ya,