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That's It! I'm becoming a HERMIT!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
So, much of the U.S. is experiencing the same "lovely" weather (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm) this January. Since New Year's day, I've only been out of the house once, due to the extreme cold and snow amounts. Monday night I took the plunge and went to my Monday night bible study. Our group meets at my friend Tammy's house. She called and offered to pull her car out of the garage so that I could drive from my garage to her garage. It seemed like a good idea. The temperatures were in the single digits and the wind chills were way below zero. But, the garages are usually in the upper teens. So, I did it. Even though it took me about 30 minutes to recover (the group was thrilled that I couldn't really talk for 30 minutes! It was the quietest they've ever seen me!), I was really glad that I got out to see friends and to discuss God's word.

Well, we are being hit with our 3rd snowstorm since Christmas and this one is bringing temperatures in the -30 degrees range...that's without the wind chill. Winds are suppose to be picking up causing "colder than crap" conditions. (That was my interpretation of the weather report, not the meteorologists.) So, imagine my surprise when I saw that there was a little bit of a "warm" front coming through ahead of this latest storm. This afternoon around 2:30 I noticed that it was actually 21 degrees! That's like a HEAT WAVE! So, I decided that I better grab the opportunity and go do some errand and maybe even sneak in a chick flick. Well...I should have stayed home and taken a nap.

Stop #1. The bank. Rod asked me if I would stop and get some cash since he's been working such long hours, he hadn't been able to get to the bank. Being the loving wife, I said, "Sure, no problem!" I went to the drive-through, handing my check and driver's license to the teller (Who will now and forever be called, "The Female Dog Teller."). After 10 minutes of her working on her computer with her back to me, I pushed the "Attention Please" buzzer. Now, you need to get a visual here, so I'm going to try to help you....close your eyes...wait a minute..you can't read when your eyes are close..just use your imagination...I'm sitting in the car with my heavy winter coat on, my seat belt on, my oxygen on and I can't reach the stupid "Attention Please" button. So, I have to roll down the window, unhook my seat belt, take off the cannula, open my car door and then push the stupid button. Do you know what "The Female Dog Teller" did? NOTHING!!!! She acted like I was invisible and that she was immune to hearing the "Attention Please" button. Knowing that dogs, male or female, can hear all levels of sounds, I was sure she heard the buzzing. But, just to be fair, I buzzed again. This time she put up a finger as if telling me, "One minute, I'm busy!" So, I pushed the "Attention Please" buzzer again! This time she did absolutely nothing! But, a coworker did come to the window to see what I needed. I asked her if there was a problem with my check or my account and she said she didn't know, but she would ask. Now I've been sitting at the stupid drive-through for 15 minutes! AND, now the coworker is standing at the computer with HER back to me! I undo everything roll down the window, open the door and SMASH the "Attention Please" button. The coworker came over and said she wasn't sure what the problem was. I said, in a not very nice voice, "I've been waiting for 20 minutes! I'd like my *^&% check back!" So, she went over, got the check, my license and brought it to me. No apology, no explanation and still "The Female Dog Teller" was on the STUPID phone!! I called Rod, told him what happened. He called our banker who promptly called me with his tail between his legs. He had no idea what happened, yada, yada, yade. He asked me if I was close to the bank. I informed him that I was in another part of town and had no interest in ever going back to that branch. He promised to call the branch that was close to where I was driving and make sure they took care of me. So, after chewing him out for having employees who did no understand what "customer service" meant and suggesting what he might do with "The Female Dog Teller" I take the short drive to the closer branch. I've got my blinker on to turn into the side street for the bank and there is a car stuck in the middle of the side street. So, I continued on to the next corner to get to the bank from the other side. While I was trying NOT to smack into the stuck car and figure out how to get into the bank, I hear this "HOOOOOOOONK!" Looking in the rear-view mirrow I see this GIANT pickup truck with these two 20 something boys honking at me and giving me the finger!! As I continued up the street and turned to get to the bank, they continued to drive right next to me, honking the horn and flipping me off!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Thankfully, the teller (who was actually a teller and not any form of a dog) at the 2nd branch took care of me very quickly (in fact, I think I saw her feet smoking as she ran around to take care of the woman that caused "The Boss" to call her)

By now I was in no mood to go to a movie, chick flick or not. So, I drove home. Plus, the weather had turned, the wind was gearing up and the snowflakes were falling. After THREE attempts to get up our snowy driveway I came in the house, grabbed a bag of chips (quietly yelling at myself for not stopping at Dairy Queen) and fired up the computer. What you are reading is a result of me getting rid of my bad mood. So, I (as does Rod, Asa and Haver) need to thank you, dear readers, for letting me vent.

By the way, my friend Dean emailed me an explanation of the cartoon that I didn't put in the last posting. Now that I know what it means, it seems like the perfect way to finish this posting. Let me know if you are as dense as I am and need an explanation.

Thank you for checking in.
Thank you for reading.

4 comments to That's It! I'm becoming a HERMIT!!!:

lpolss said...

Now that's a funny cartoon! Never mind the cold, it made me Laugh my ass off!

Your venting is so vivid. Not that I actually enjoy your suffering, but I do laugh all the way through your recounting of it.

Thanks for the laughs.


Di said...

You are such a hoot Annette! You made my day... and since today has been pretty uneventful, I thank you for venting! hugs, di

Bonnie said...

Annette you just make me bust out laughing. I'm sorry for the situation you were in but like they said you a very vivid on your writings. I mean I can just see the (Dog face) teller. LOL LOL

I hope the next time you go out is alot better and warmer. I guess I won't complain about being 30 degrees.


Donna said...

You crack me up! I'm sure it wasn't at all funny while you were going through this, but I loved reading about it! I would have loved to hear the conversation between the bank boss and the teller who's possibly no longer there.