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My house has been invaded!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, someone from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association in Maryland called to see if I would be willing to fly to San Francisco at the end of January to talk about living with pulmonary hypertension to a group from one of the big drug companies. We discussed how flying has become a somewhat difficult endeavor for me. But, if it was really an important thing to do that would end up helping these people understand this disease and what it was like living with it day to day, I would certainly consider. Well, I never heard anything else about it and assumed that PHA either found someone else to speak, or just scrapped the project all together. Then, I get a phone call on Saturday night. It was decided that instead of having PH patients fly around the country, it would make more sense to fly a film crew to the PH patient. So, if I was still interested in helping, would I be willing to have a film crew come to my house on Tuesday morning....(Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...)My first thought was, "Crap! That's 4 days away! I can't possibly lose 20 pounds in 4 days!" My second thought was, "Crap! Film adds like 5-10 pounds! If I agree to do this, it's going to look like they interviewed the Pillsbury Dough Girl for the piece!" Finally, my third thought was, "If it will help the drug companies put a face to the disease and to the drugs that they are distributing and developing then I should probably do it."

So, here we are. They are actually videotaping me right now as I'm typing this. Wow...this is really strange. So, there are like 5 grown men in my house with all kinds of lights, cameras, etc. They just asked, "Can I hear typing now please?"
Now they just asked me to laugh a little while I'm typing. I'm not so sure that's a good idea...is that suppose to mean that I get a kick out of own writing, or am I so pathetic I laugh to myself when I'm by myself?

We had to stop filming early because of "interference from background noises." The problem was, Haver was sleeping and began snoring so loudly that the equipment was picking it up!

OK, they're finished, I've taken a nap and now I figured I'd finish this post. So, yes, I must say the highlight of the experience was when we had to sop filming because my fat dog has sleep apnea! Probably the second favorite, or maybe most memorable part of the day was when the director decided he would like to finish with me sitting on the couch, calling for Asa and Haver and them running to me. I told him that it wasn't such a good idea. I reminded him that they were on Prozac and I had kept them locked i different bedrooms for a reason. I also reminded him that they were not really petite and that there was a lot of expensive equipment in the room. But, the producer guy said it would be OK. So, I got the boys and the producer held them both by their collars. I sat down on the couch...so far...so good. He said, "Action!" I call, "Asa, Haver, come and see me!" Haver comes running (OK, more like lumbering, or maybe waddling) over and sits right down in front of me! I was so proud! Asa, on the other hand, took one look at Haver sitting next to me, started his "possessed dog" growling and runs to the front door! ARG!! We spent several minutes trying to get Asa to come in and sit down without much luck. Eventually one of the camera guys grabbed Asa by the collar and drug him over by me. He did actually sit for a second, then turned his head and saw Haver and...you guessed it! He growled like the nutball that he is and took off for the door.

"And, cut! I think we're good for the day!"

It was really a very positive experience and I hope that it helps the drug reps understand how important it is to keep working on improving PH drugs.

OK, I'm really pooped! I need to go mix and switch and go to bed.

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.


7 comments to My house has been invaded!!:

Anonymous said...

You are a movie star!! It's great that you continue to volunteer to help spread awareness and knowledge about PH to the public. You will be exhausted after having 5 film crew there.

Tomorrow you need to get a Blizzard!!


Bonnie said...

Can I get your autograph, superstar? Stop worring about your weight you look good in your pictures and you're a great person. Now go have that special Blizzard and know that you are spreading the word about PH.
Thanks Annette and have a great day.

Are you staying warm?


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Annette!

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail."

You are really leaving your mark. You've made such an impact on so many people's lives and I am SO glad God has let me be one of those blessed ones.

Love to you,

Di said...

Oh my gosh I have not read your blog for a few days and in that time, you turn into a Movie Star!!!! This is great news and you did a wonderful job I know continuing to educate people about PH. I have learned so much from you, as I know others have as well. I am so proud of YOU!!!
hugs, di

Cathy said...

woww how excited!! Can I have your autograph also?
Thnx for doing this :)

Donna said...

Wow! Now I can say I personally know a celebrity! I'm so proud of what you've done to tell the PH story and to help eveyone see how PH has affected your life. You've always been a great teacher and now you're just teaching a different group. Way to go!

The Admiral said...

Your dogs are movie stars. My dog is a movie star. How can they bear to live with plain old us?