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This and that and that and this....

Saturday, May 9, 2009
Just a point of clarification: I started this posting last night, (Saturday evening) but was unable to finish it and post it because the internet was acting up. So, please try to pretend that you read this yesterday (Saturday). Thank you.

"The Management"

First item of the evening is a piece of good news! Thanks to some great suggestions from friends, phriends and my brilliant son Chris, I slept like a baby last night! At least I slept like a baby who is a good sleeper and sleeps all night only waking up once or twice and is able to go right back to sleep. Hopefully this was just the first of many restful evenings!

Second item of the evening is a prayer request. My good phriend Cindy C. is in the hospital. She's having a little trouble with her pacemaker and with water retention. There are few things as annoying and frustrating as having to stay in the hospital. I went to visit her today and she's being an incredible trooper. Anyway, I know prayers for an "early release" from the "warden" would be greatly appreciated.

Third item of the evening is a MOVIE REVIEW!! Last night Rod and I saw.....

This was a fabulous movie! Plus, Hugh Jackman was....IN HIS BIRTHDAY SUIT!! Now, granted, it was a quick shot of his "BIRTHDAY SUIT" and it was taken from a long ways away and he was jumping down a waterfall, but...HUGH JACKMAN WAS WEARING HIS BIRTHDAY SUIT!! EXCELLENT movie! Eight puppy paws WAAAAAY UP!

Fourth and final item of the night is a little doggie story. The weather was absolutely beautiful today! I drug my oxygen tubing outside and spent some time enjoying the weather and laughing at my goofy dogs.
Those of you who are dog owners have most likely witnessed your dogs discover a unique (aka gross) looking and/or smelling item. Once it is discovered, they have this uncontrollable desire to roll in/on it. Someone told me once that they heard that dogs do that to cover their own scent so they can sneak up on their prey. Personally, I just think they're goofballs!
Well, Asa and Haver discovered "something special" in the yard yesterday. Asa discovered it first, put his head down and rolled back in forth on it. Haver, on the other hand had a little trouble "rolling" on it. Because he's a little bit on the "chunky" side, every time he tried to roll on it, he just kept flopping onto his side.

I've tried to get a good shot of the difference in Asa and Haver's bodies. When I looked at this picture of Haver I thought to myself, "He doesn't look so bad!" What a cutie!

Then I looked at this picture that I took of Asa standing next to Haver.

Do you notice the difference in their chests? Poor Haver! I think I need to get in touch with someone from the Seinfeld Show and get my poor porky pooch one of those "bros!"

Thanks for reading!


2 comments to This and that and that and this....:

Di said...

We will pray for continue good nights of sleep for you and for your phriend as well. I hope both of you girls have a good week ahead.
hugs, di

Colleen said...

I hope you continue to get a good night's sleep! I will keep your phriend in my prayers! And I just love Seinfeld!!

Colleen :)