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Sleepless in Omaha....

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Once again I need to apologize for being a "Bad Blogger!" As my phriend Cindy C. says, "If it's not one thing, it's a dozen others. I've had troubles with insomnia since I was diagnosed with PH. The doctor's think it's probably due to me not being able to "quiet my mind." (Yes, I know that I just gave myself a HUGE opening for someone to send me a zinger...zing away...)So, for about 5 years now I've been taking some kind of "sleep aid."
Fast forward...unknown knee injury requiring extra steroids due to Addison's disease causes sleeping problems...
Fast forward...knee problem is improving, sleeping issues are worsening....


"Mrs. Maniac Markin" is a bit sleep deprived resulting in a crankier than normal demeaner... Husband and Dogs have been seen hiding in the bushes! Husband was found attempting to sneak Asa and Haver's Prozac into Mrs. Maniac Markin's Diet Pepsi..."

"Asa and Haver are quoted as saying, 'She can have our Prozak, but she CAN'T have our horse poop!!"

Thanks for reading.
aka: Mrs. Maniac Markin

5 comments to Sleepless in Omaha....:

paula54 said...

That's an adorable picture of the boys. You're a good artist! :)

The Luke Family said...

Auntie Annette,

Even though you may be a cranky ol' woman, you've always had a sense of humor about ya. A bit twisted sense of humor mind ya, but that's just part of the reason we love you!

Leave the horse poo to the pups...it stains your teeth something awfu-not to mention the breath issue!

Sending love and prayers down the road,
Lisa and Family

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some rest/sleep soon..I know we can be Evil without sleep...
Great pic:))
You always make me laugh...

Barbara Howard said...

Hi, I wondered if you used a c-pap at night, since I have finally gotton use to it, I sleep like a baby and usually 9-10 hours every night, before I rarely slept, and I was always so tired. I sometimes get excited about going to bed with that old c-pap now, LOL, since he sure makes me feel better in the morning, I hope you get some sleep soon so you want be so tired.

The Admiral said...

Dear Twisted Sister,

I too have been having trouble sleeping, but it's because another d@#%&d pulmonologist wants me to wear an elephant costume when I sleep, complete with trunk.

It is not helping.

I think more drugs would help. I'm not taking enough. Perhaps I should drink more intoxicating beverages?

If you find anything that helps, please let me know.