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A Variety of Topics...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Book report #1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

I've been told that this was written for junior high and/or high school kids. As a previous elementary teacher, I have a few issues with certain "naughty" words in print and would probably be unhappy with my middle school or junior high school-aged child reading "The Book Thief." But, for all others, I would highly, highly recommend it! This is the story of a young German girl during the reign of Hitler. It is actually narrated by "Death." I know, it's sounding like a strange and depressing book, but, it's not. Yes, there are times when it's very sad, but there are also some very uplifting and humorous parts. It's a long book (about 600 pages) but, it's a pretty fast read. I would highly recommend you putting this on your list of books to read.

Book report #2." The Shack" by William Paul Young.

This is one of the "hot books" that is being read all around the country. It is a book about love, faith and loss. If you are on a spiritual journey, it will strengthen your resolve and understanding. There are some kind of odd parts to it, but, generally it's a very good book.

My phriend Cindy C., who I asked you to pray for because she was needing to look at a heart/lung transplant, just got out of the hospital for the third time in three months.

She had a pacemaker put in yesterday. My dear sweet phriend had to have this pacemaker surgically implanted with only local anesthetic. The docs did not want to put her completely under because of the pulmonary hypertension. She is one tough woman! She is now home and resting, thrilled to be out of the hospital!

Last topic: Mr. and Mr. Prozac. The last couple of days have been pretty rough in "doggy land." I don't know if it's the weather, or if they're moving into another adolescent stage, but they have been absolute WACK JOBS the last couple of days! Asa has taken to hanging out on the staircase landing. It's kind of like his own little perch. He can see anyone coming at him from any direction. Of course, he doesn't help himself much. For instance, in this picture you'll notice him laying on his brother's blanket, that he stole, right in front of him! Not so smart, not so smart!

Haver and his blanket in happier times...

Thanks for reading.

3 comments to A Variety of Topics...:

paula54 said...

I've read The Shack and loved it! So glad Cindy is home. And I don't know how you keep up with your wackos!

The Admiral said...

Daisy and Pedro take turns on the stairs landing.

And they are constantly stealing from one another. Daisy started howling at 3 am the other night because Pedro was looking at her rawhide chew. Looking. From the bed, onto the floor.

Age does not improve this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cutie:)
So that is where you have been?? Reading?? Missed your presence and on the boards as well..
Man..can you up their Prozac??LOl
Cute pics...
Will keep Cindy in my prayers..happy to hear she is at home..
Take care