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Saturday night and being anti-social....

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Rod and I had a very cool dinner that we were suppose to go to last night. But, I didn't feel good enough to go and Rod didn't feel comfortable leaving me alone. So, we both stayed home and stared at the television. We are exciting people! The dinner was associated with a faith-based movement here in Omaha, called "The Tri-Faith Initiative."

"The Tri-Faith Initiative is a partnership of the three Abrahamic faith groups — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A remarkable project is taking place in Omaha, Nebraska. Temple Israel, The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, and the American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture have come together, planning to build a joint campus which will house a mosque, a temple and a church plus a shared facility on a large campus. This is the only undertaking of its kind we know of in the world."

Last night's gathering was called "Dinner in Abraham's Tent." I'm really sorry we missed it. If you are interested in learning more about "Tri-Fath" go to: http://trifaith.org/wordpress

Tonight we have another dinner. This time it's a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House. I was nervous about going and getting hugs. I have three very sore spots (where the old tube came out, where they inserted the new tube in through my neck and where it comes out of my chest) and was also unsure of getting through a 2-3 hours of socializing. But, since I'm feeling significantly better :) Rod decided to go and take Nick with him. Kara is busy all weekend with a conference and Nick was more than happy to spend a little time with his Dad.

So, here I am watching "Wheel of Fortune" on a Saturday night. The dogs are both outside, so I'm having a very nice time.

By the way, I bought "the boys" some new, large and tough doggy beds.

Please notice how close they are and the absence of blood in the photo!
Shortly after we unpacked the 2nd doggy bed, Asa started his "growling like the possessed girl that spit out the pea soup" and wandered off to be by himself.. That was just fine with Haver!

Thanks for reading.

4 comments to Saturday night and being anti-social....:

Di said...

Sounds like a good decision to stay home and rest up a bit more. No need to rush the healing.
Hope you continue to feel better each and everyday. hugs, di

paula54 said...

Looks like Haver is enjoying his water! CUTE!! hope your sites start feeling better. It just takes time, dang it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Resting is good..don't rush it...
The "boys" are growing so big...still cute..
Take care Cutie;)

Donna said...

I'm back home from Italy and then to Orange City, IA to move Terry's Mom into assisted living and then to Des Moines for Paxson's kindergarten Star of the Week program. The next day Terry and I worked on the Ronald McDonald fundraiser for 2 days. I'm sorry you missed it but totally understand. I did both check in and check out but didn't see Rod. It was a big success! We missed you at book club and hope you'll make it to my house for PEO. Take care! Donna