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My "Baby" Came Home for a Visit!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chris had a few days off from work, so he decided to drive home from Chicago for a visit. He brought along his little buddy, Deeoji! Deeoji (D-O-G...get it?) is a 5 month old American Bulldog. He is absolutely adorable!

I would like to tell you that Asa and Haver loved Deeoji and treated him like a brother. But, they treated him more like a uninvited quest which, I guess to them, is exactly what he was.

We did have a few moments of sweetness.

It was wonderful having a chance to spend some time with Chris. I really, really miss having him around. But, he is happy in Chicago and Chicago is a great place for him to live.

Chris was planning on leaving Sunday morning. Nick was going to meet us for breakfast and then Chris and Deeoji were going to hit the road. I went downstairs to let the "3 Amigo's" out and was surprised to see that Deeoji didn't want to get out of his kennel. I figured that he was his owner's dog and just wanted to sleep in. So, I let him. Then, when I went back down after my shower, he still didn't want to get up. Rod tried to drag him out of the kennel and Deeoji just yelped! His right front paw was extremely swollen! Rod didn't think it was infected or broken but Deeoji was certainly in a lot of pain. I called our vet to find out they don't take emergency calls anymore. So, I called the place they recommended. They could see the pup in an hour. While we were waiting to go, Nick showed up. He came to the same conclusions as Rod. We decided that there was not going to be any "good-by breakfast," so Nick went home so he could get caught up on his sleep and Rod, Chris and I took Deeoji to the emergency vet office.
After a weighing him, (50 pounds, which means that Haver has to easily weigh over 100lbs!)muzzling him (the not-so-bright vet tech decided to yank on his foot) and taking very expensive x-rays, the vet came to the same conclusion as Rod and Nick...Deeoji just twisted his foot. It probably happened while he was frolicking around the yard, running for his life, or maybe trying to get out of the kennel during the middle of the night thunderstorm. After they put a splint on his little leg, Chris headed off to Chicago. He made record time since Deeoji was drugged up and he didn't need to make puppy pit-stops.

OK, that's it for now.

Thank you so very much for reading.

3 comments to My "Baby" Came Home for a Visit!:

paula54 said...

AWWWW! Poor puppy! What a unique name. I love it. My son Toby got an 11 week old Newfoundland. He's huge and will grow to be about 180 pounds! Sure glad he has his own house. Take care!

barbara said...

I am sure you was thrilled to spend time with your son, that is what makes life worth while, I am so grateful to have my daughter close by. You have a very handsome son.
I love the dogs, they are all three just so adorable.
you take care and I love your posts, I read everyone's everyday to see how you all are doing.

The Admiral said...

One of my best pals had an American Bulldog named Oliver. He liked to smell flowers. He had a rainbow collar.

We think he was gay. His mother SWEARS he can't be. But you know how mothers are...

Oliver crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and now his younger brother Mack lives with the family. Mack is not gay. He nearly tore off my arm on New Years Eve.

Deeoji looks a little Oliver-ish laying on his back submitting to the tag team...