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Just hanging out...

Saturday, June 14, 2008
I've been very busy....not really sure what I've been very busy doing...but, I've been very busy!
Let's see....

On Thursday, I was feeling really crappy...so I spent the day watching TV, reading and trying to keep myself from "getting down." I did cook Rod and I each a hamburger before he headed off to his work-out session. He hired a trainer right after Christmas and goes three times a week. I'm so glad that he's doing this. He has such an incredibly stressful job and NEVER does anything for himself. Since I've been diagnosed, Rod has a really hard time leaving me alone. He calls 4-5 times a day to check on me and then when he gets home, since I'm usually plopped on the couch, he plops on the couch also. I am so blessed. He is such an amazing man. But, he needs to do things for himself. I think getting this trainer was a huge step for him. By the way, did I happen to mention that it is our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, the 17th? How did I ever get so incredibly lucky...

I have no idea what I did on Friday. If anyone knows, please let my brain know! I DO remember that Rod and I went out to dinner with our friends Kelly and Bart. You know, I may be sick with this crappy disease, but I am certainly blessed with a fabulous family and a wonderful group of friends!

Yesterday I went shoe shopping! I have never been much of a shoe fanatic, but every once and awhile, I get this "itch!" I had this wonderful teacher/friend named Annie McNally who was a certified shoe nut! She had shoes to go with every outfit under the sun! She was a spit-fire! She is, unfortunately, one of a number of friends that have been lost to the "beast" named cancer...

Last night Rod and I went to see the movie, "The Happening."

I would highly recommend that you stay as far away from that movie as possible! I had NO idea that it was an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Had I known that I would have had enough sense to pick "The Incredible Hulk" movie. Let me sum it up by saying a movie that includes a man feeding himself to a wood-chipper machine is not one that will promote sweet dreams. The only saving piece of the movie was at the very beginning. It opened up with my most favorite joke of all time. I can NOT tell it here because it is very, very inappropriate. But, if I've told you the "Wendy" joke, you'll know what I mean! I actually feel a little bit famous that my favorite joke made it into a big-time movie! But, again, I say wood-chippers are not a very good movie prop.

Today is Father's Day. After another WAKE UP YOU'RE STILL LIVING IN NEBRASKA AND IT'S STILL TORNADO AND STORM SEASON, thunderstorm, we swam off to church then on to breakfast. Nick came by this afternoon to visit, nap and have dinner with us for Father's Day. Chris called this afternoon to visit with all of us and to tell his Dad to have a "Happy Father's Day." Right now Rod and Nick are both napping and I'm debating whether I should wake them up or not. Nick is suppose to pick up Kara at her parent's house and Rod and I are suppose to try to save our weekend movie experience by going to see "The Incredible Hulk." I just let the two "miniature hulks" outside because they were "hulkininzing" the house. So, it's really peaceful and, to tell you the truth, it's feeling a bit more like "Mother's Day."

What do you think....are they related?

Thanks for reading.


5 comments to Just hanging out...:

barbara said...

congratulations on the big 30. Yes I do believe those two guys must be related. I am feeling so much better now and I hope you feel better everyday. isn't it wonderful to have such good friends, Boy I sure do appreciate mine so much, I love spending time with time when I feel good and most of the time I do, I went through a rough one for a while
take care and have a good time at the conference

Wendy's Mom said...

Annette, my dear you are very blessed to have a wonderful husband, family and friends in your life. Not all of us are that blessed, trust me I know! LOL!

Happy Anniversary to you and Rod. That is wonderful to make it 30yrs. You should be proud of yourself, after all that is not a normal thing this day and time. It makes me feel good to hear younger people say we have been married 20 or more years. It reminds me that there are still couples that can marry and stay together, now days. LOL! I do not mean anything ugly by that either. LOL!

Have a good Anniversary.


barbara said...

You know Honey, I love shoes also, my husband keeps kidding about a yard sale, lol, who wants to buy used shoes. I hav a color of sandals for every out fit I wear also. I love summer time so you can wear sandals.
I did lose three of my ph friends, one passed away, one went to the nursing home and the other went to Ohio with her daughter. the other two are still here.
we haven't met again since the above happened, and plus I was not feeling too good either.
Love you all

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary My Phriend:))
That is wondeful..

The two sure look alike and looks like both enjoyed their naps:))

I am glad that you have such wonderful friends and family, that means a lot..

See ya soon:)) Be careful in your travels.


Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad you have Rod in your life. He surely does love you, and I know you love him! How wonderful to be together for 30 years, and here's to 30 more!!
Colleen :)