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Steroids, other drugs and life...part 2

Friday, June 8, 2007
When I finished part 1 of "Steroids, other drugs and life..." our friends had just come into my hospital room to visit. I was trying to "control" the combination of a "steroid storm" and intense leg pain. I wanted things to seem "normal" and I wanted to visit, but I also wanted them to get out of there so I could stop trying to "control things." Just when I thought they were going to get going, they said that they wanted to pray with us. Now, you need to understand that these are some very, very dear friends that we originally met at church. Tammy, the wife/mom has been very instrumental in my faith walk. Her husband Dan has been extremely supportive of Rod, the boys and I through everything. And their daughter Carley, is so precious and stole Rod's heart and mine about two seconds after we met her. But, here I was, wanting to get them on their way and they wanted to pray! But, since I was in such "control" I didn't tell them they could pray when they got home. Instead we all held hands and Tammy started out. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. Tammy has always been a good "pray-er" and sometimes I "borrow" her opening lines when I'm praying. But, here she was saying all of the right things while she was having her conversation with God. It was like she was reading our minds! Then Dan put his 2 cents in. I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like, "Lord I am asking for you to heal this amazing woman. There are so many people praying for her. And Lord, I will continue to petition you until she is healed or until you get tired of hearing from me." I couldn't believe that I had been wishing they would "move along." Those words hit me right between the eyes. I knew that there was an unbelievable number of people praying for me and I thought "this would be an amazing opportunity for God to be able to show the power of prayer." At that moment I knew that I was going to be fine. I didn't know when it would happen, but I knew that it would happen.
Well, after our friends left, another "steroid storm" side effect hit and it’s name was “paranoia.” I did not want Rod to leave. It was late, he was exhausted, he needed to go home and take care of Charlie, the horses and the fish. I knew that but I was still convinced that I wouldn't be able to relax, go to sleep or be safe unless he stayed. Well, my poor sweet husband stayed for over an hour. He would try to leave and then I would get all wacky and convince him to stay for just a "few more minutes." Finally, he got brave and said he had to go and that I would be fine. He had the nurse come in to help convince me and he scooted on out. My poor husband, he did not get a moment's rest. Not only did I call him several times on his way home, but I called him several times after he got home. The night proved to be extremely long for both of us.
The next morning (Saturday, I think...please remember that days ran together or one day seemed like two, so the timeline is not really accurate....)one of the docs stopped by to see me and discussed about sending me home that day. After the "steroid storm" of emotions and pain and the fact that I hadn't really slept the night before I actually asked her if I could stay another day. I did not feel comfortable being at home with all of these strange feelings, side effects and general lack of understanding of what I was doing. Well, as she told me the next day, "I took one look at your face and realized that you were not ready to go home. Plus, people usually don't ask to stay another day, they're usually begging to get home sooner. You definitely needed to stay another day." And, so I did. And there, my friends, is your “cliff hanger” until part 3.

3 comments to Steroids, other drugs and life...part 2:

Jacqniel said...

Thanks so much for this installment! It was so good to see you on Friday. Thanks again for picking up the check (you stinker, you). Let's do it again real soon (lunch - not picking up the check :-). Hugs, Jacque

The Admiral said...

I wonder if somewhere there's a bureau that issues Steroid Storm Warnings and Watches?

'Twould be nice. The warning, I mean. Instead of them just going "boom!" in the middle of your psyche.

I remember these. I was never actually paranoid. But I was definitely unpleasant.

This, too, shall pass...

Colleen said...

Well none of that sounded like a ton o' fun! :( I'm glad you aren't currently experiencing any more storms and I hope you never will again!