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A nice weekend is a coming!

Friday, June 15, 2007
Nick is on his way to the airport to pick up his little(?) brother! Then, they are going to meet Rod and I at the Village Point movie theater so we can all see "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." It's not that we like comic book movies, it's just that we love movies and this is one that both Nick and Chris want to see and Chris is too much of a cheapskate to pay the high ticket price in Chicago! After the movie we will probably go out for ice cream since we are having a tri-fecta celebration this weekend! It's Father's Day on Sunday. It's also our 29th wedding anniversary on Sunday! AND, Rod's birthday is on the 29th of the month and Chris won't get a chance to come home again before that day has come and gone!

Tomorrow we will spend the day cleaning and getting ready for an engagement party that we are hosting for two very good friends. They will be flying off to get married in Hawaii next week! It's going to be a lot of fun. We're using several sets of beautiful dishes that we brought home from Rod's parent's home. I've ordered some pretty centerpieces and have enough white tablecloths and white cloth napkins to make it a little bit fancy. We should have about 50 people. The only "rub" is that we planned on having it our garden room, which is not air conditioned and tomorrow's temps are suppose to top out around 90 degrees! I think we'll be setting up some tables inside!

On Sunday, besides going to church, we'll go out to brunch with the boys and hopefully relax and just enjoy being together. We’ll have to take Chris back to the airport in the early evening. Depending on how tired “we” are, we might run over to Papillion to enjoy the grand opening of an outdoor amphitheater!

Well, I best get going, it's getting close to MOVIE TIME!!!

Thank you for indulging me with a little "steroid storm" break. I hope you all have 1/2 as nice of a weekend as I know we're going to have!!!

much love

5 comments to A nice weekend is a coming!:

Colleen said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family, Annette! It sounds like it will be a great one, you have alot to celebrate! Happy Anniversary to you and Rod!! *HUGS*
Colleen :)

Linda said...

Annette it is so good to hear you have so much energy back! Please don't wear yourself out with these new strength!

Di said...

I can tell what makes you happy, YOUR FAMILY!!! I couldn't agree more. I am sure you had a wonderful time just being together. The party sounded like it was going to be lovely also. Remember to allow yourself plenty of time to rest so you can enjoy these nice weekends with family and friends.
hugs, di

The Admiral said...

Oh, how I envy your party.

I used to throw GREAT BIG parties with all the silver polished and the crystal shined and hire some high school girls to be my servers for the night and have a big time.

Now I'm lucky if I get through a potluck!

Something else PH has robbed from me.

Bah-stud! I shall reclaim it!

Annette Markin said...

You know, Ellen, you could still do your party, just make it smaller. Maybe just for you and The Captain. Or, if I ever make it out to your neck of the woods you could do it for just you and I, kind of like a tea party...no Wild Turkey allowed!!