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Noah Jones and teaching an old dog....

Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Before I go back to part 2, I had a couple of people email me that they wanted to know how the Norah Jones concert was. It was absolutely fabulous!! I’m really glad that I did my “homework” and listened to her new cd since she sang almost, if not all, of the songs from her new “album.” But, don’t get me wrong, she also sang lots of songs from her first two cd’s. In fact, she basically sang nonstop for almost 3 hours!!! There was a warm-up guy named M. Ward. Rod and I couldn’t believe when the “opening act” came out and not only was it this M. Ward guy, BUT Norah came out and sang with him! She’s dressed in jeans and is just standing there singing with him like they were just sitting at home, singing for fun! Then, she left him alone and he did some songs of his own. He was pretty amazing on the guitar and piano. But I, of course, couldn’t leave well enough alone, and just sit and enjoy myself. There was an unexpected break between M. Ward’s performance and the actual Norah Jones concert. Several people took advantage of it and ran out for a drink or restroom break. Rod and I found several people we knew who had also come to the concert. So, we spent most of the break visiting. Then, Rod decides he better run off to the restroom. When He returns, I realized that I needed to also go. But, I was sure the break was almost over and if I drug my O2 back up the stairs, down the stairs, to the restroom, back up the stairs and back down the stairs, I would probably miss the thing I came for. So, I told Rod I was going to do something stupid and leave my O2 and just run to the restroom. I said with the steroids, I knew I would be ok for a little bit. He gave me that look, and I still went. I stopped at the top of the stairs and told some friends who were seated there that I had decided to be stupid and run to the restroom without my O2 so I could get back before the concert started up again. They jokingly told me that if they saw me flattened out on the floor somewhere, they would get me back to Rod. So, just as soon as I get to the restroom, I hear Norah come out and start singing. I decide to go ahead and “finish my business” and just get back in there. Well, when I got back to the last set of stairs to go back to my seat, the concert hall lights were off and Norah was still singing. Even though it was really dark, I of course, figured I knew what I was doing and wouldn’t wait for a docent/guide lady to help me with her little flashlight. I took one step down and fell. I grabbed onto the hand railing which then twirled me sideways and landed me on the lap of the gentleman friend of ours! I felt hands behind me pick me up by my armpits (I have no idea who that was) and put me back on the top landing. My friend who I had just physically attacked insisted on walking me back down to my seat. ALL OF THIS GOING ON WHILE NORAH IS SINGING!!! Thank God I was up in the 2nd balcony so she couldn’t see this old woman being stupid and flying down the stairs!!! So, I sat down, told Rod how stupid I was, what happened with the stairs, hooked up the O2 again and scrunched down as low as possible in my chair being totally embarrassed, not to mention totally out of breath with the lungs hurting, my side hurting (where I kind of slammed into the guys chair) and, of course, my pride hurting. After about two songs, I was able to breath a bit more normally and decided there had to be something “good” that came out of that experience. I turned to Rod and told him the only positive thing I could think of so I would stop beating myself up over my decisions. I told him, “Well, at least my coumadin levels are ridiculously low, so I won’t be all bruised up on my side!” How pathetic!

But, the concert was really, really good. Plus, I think the old woman learned another lesson. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

5 comments to Noah Jones and teaching an old dog....:

Jacqniel said...

Sounds like quite the experience! You have to be happy that you knew the guy whose lap you ended up on! It also sounds like the only thing truly injured was your pride - so that is good!
Take care - and keep on bloggin!
Love, Jacque

Di said...

Only YOU......I am glad it all ended well but hopefully you learned a lesson. I am sure your heart was a pumping as well as your lungs screaming. I think you scared yourself, I know you scared me!!
The concert sounded awesome. I read the review and they too raved about it. I'm so glad you went. Just think, a few weeks ago you would not have had the strength to go up and down those stairs.
Take care of yourself!!!
hugs, di

Colleen said...

Wow, Norah played for almost 3 hours???? That is just awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed her show, despite the little mishap you had at the beginning of it!
Colleen :)

The Admiral said...

It must be lovely to live in a place where there's a chance you'll not fall into a stranger's lap while cavorting around with no O2.

I love Norah too. I think she's just beyond her years. Maybe Ravi Shankar gave her a reincarnated old soul.

Kelly P. said...

You are truly an amazing woman. You are looking at EVERYTHING in such a positive way...I have truly learned a lot from reading your blog. God has blessed you with the love of your husband, your sons, your friends and your family. Every time that I listen to a Norah Jones song, I will think of the strength that you have and your experience. You are beautiful, Annette...thank you for your blog and your life lessons!!
Kelly Pugh