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It's been a tough week...

Saturday, April 17, 2010
It seems like I've developed a bit of a bad habit with this blog...Things are fine for a while, I'm able to share some nice, positive updates and then I get bogged down with a bug of some sort, go MIA for a while, come back and apologize (and whine a bit) which then usually seems to help me either kick the bug,or, at least not care about it as much, and then get back into a pretty good blogging schedule.

Well, I'm here to tell you that the pattern is now repeating...again.

The "mysterious" bug that is giving me muscle and joint aches, reduced appetite and a low-grade fever has returned again with a vengeance. I've been laying low at home for most of this last week.

But, the roughest part of the week has been the death of a dear friend of our family. Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. She was a single mom with three grown children and a 12 year old daughter. Mary was a very successful and busy career woman. She was determined that her diagnosis would not slow her down or interfere with the lives of her family. The disease became horrendously aggressive and even though it had traveled to every part of her body, she continued to work. But, on the Monday after Easter Sunday, she began to have significant shortness of breath. It was discovered that her lungs were full of tumors. By Wednesday, April 15th, she passed away. Rod was with Mary and her family the entire day. He did not want me come to visit her because of the terrible downturn she took and the significant difficulty she was having with her breathing. My dear, sweet, loving husband said, "Annette, she is dying a pulmonary death and I don't want you to see that." And there I was, asking him not to go back because I didn't want him to witness a pulmonary death. It seemed so selfish to think of my potential future and not wanting to witness it, but, I certainly didn't want my dear, sweet, beloved husband to have to see it...does that make sense?

Mary passed away Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm. She was a 58 year old daughter, sister, mother, aunt, cousin and friend. Rod spoke at wake that was held on Friday night and a beautiful funeral and celebration of her life was held on Saturday.

Please pray for Mary's family as they face life without their beloved mother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin and friend.

I hope that whatever this stupid bug is, it will take a long, long vacation!

OK, time to head to bed.

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.
Thanks for putting up with my frustrating "blog pattern."


7 comments to It's been a tough week...:

Bonnie, NV said...

Annette, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I don't know of the words I'm to use to comfort you, but I will say a prayer for her family. Your Rod sounds like a tough cookie and a teddy bear all in one. What ever this bug is you have I hope it goes away for a very long time. Take care Bonnie

Colleen said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing, Annette. The only comforting words I have is that it sounds like she was one brave and strong person, and that she is no longer suffering. Prayers go out to her family and her friends who loved her very much. (((HUGS)))

I also hope your mysterious bug goes away for good. If I had a can of "Mysterious Bug Raid," I'd give it to you so that you won't be sick anymore!! (((more hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Love to you-

Lisa and her boys

Di said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Mary. It is such a hole in your life when you lose a special person like that. I do hope you are feeling stronger and a bit better by now. hugs, di

Anonymous said...

URGENT UPDATE!!! I didn't know if the smoke signals would make it over to your house tonight-the breeze is going in the wrong direction.

It is buy one blizzard get one for $0.25 at DQ this week! (and you don't even have to share-you can have BOTH for yourself!)

Now please tell me that you ARE on their mailing list right? That's how you find out about these fabulous deals. Wait, do they have you on speed dial?

Had to share my exciting news-it's the best spam junk mail I got all day!

Love to you-
Lisa and the boys

Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie...sorry to hear of your friend Mary passing. She sounds like suc a great person and i know she will be missed. My thoughts are with you & her friends and family.

Hugs to you and hope this bug goes away for good son!!Tell Rodman hello...Take care

Barbara said...

HI Annette,
When I was 34 years old I started having symptoms like yours. It was like a cold that would not go away and just got worse. It was diagnosed as post nasal drip but could not be treated by any medication. After seven years of increasing worse symptoms I went to a naturopath doctor and he helped me find that I had become allergic to soy. I did this by eliminating food from my diet. I was not easy to figure this out but now I just avoid foods that contain soy. I suggest that you try to look at food. The first thing he suggested was to eliminate wheat, soy, milk, and eggs from my diet. Because I felt sick all the time...I was really motivated! and within a few days i was remarkably better.
I hope this helps you.