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I hope you all had a happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
We had one of the best Easters we've had in a long time! Rod and I decided to have Easter at our home this year and we were thrilled that almost everyone was able to come! When Rod's mom and dad were alive, we would split the three big holidays three ways...Thanksgiving was at Rod's brother's house, Christmas was at our house and Easter was at Rod's mom and dad's house. My family (mom and dad, my sister and her girls) was always included so that we didn't have to do the typical "dinner dance" from house to house.

So, we had Nick, Kara, Chris, Kara's family (except for her sister), Rod's brother's family and my sister, Kathleen and her girls Maggie and Katie, along with Katie's boyfriend Aaron and Rod and myself for a total of 17. We set up three big tables in our greenhouse and Chris set the table with Rod's mom's special dishes. We added fresh flowers, jelly beans and chocolate eggs for a great "ambiance!"

Rod cooked the main dish, with Kara's mom (who is a delicious cook!) brought several side dishes and Rod's brother brought the pies!

Katie and Aaron


Kara's Parents

We didn't have any little kids to have an Easter egg hunt for, so we decided to bring back the special Easter egg hunt that Bud, Rod's dad did with us every year. We hid a plastic egg for each person with their name on it and a $5.00 bill hidden inside each egg. It was a big hit!

Nick and Kara and their find!

Kara's mom and Kara's "little" brother, Pete!

Chris..in a rare moment where he is actually behaving himself!

To make the day even better, Asa and Haver were extremely well behaved!


Asa with Haver trying to tie the chicken head on Asa's head...or Haver trying to chew off the chicken head and probably Asa's head as well!

I wore myself out and ended up sleeping most of yesterday. But, I'm feeling pretty good today. That is really fast turn-around for a person with PH, isn't it PHriends?!? :)
Plus, it was totally worth it.

Thanks so much for checking in.
Thanks for reading.

5 comments to I hope you all had a happy Easter!:

Bonnie said...

Good for you Annette. I'm glad everything went well!! I absolutely love your greenhouse, I don't think I would ever leave that room. I grow alot of African Violets and palms. So glad to hear from you.

Your PHriend,

Jeane said...

Sorry to hear that the Easter celebration wore you out, but we had a wonderful time. Thanks for including us. The Markins really know how to party!

dab said...

Now that looked like the way to celebrate Easter. I love seeing your nieces and Kara's family--thanks for the photos!
love, Dee Ann

The Luke Family said...

(belated) Easter blessings Auntie Annette!

Di said...

What a great celebration you hosted for your "family". Looks to me like it was perfect in everyway.
Rest up...you deserve it!!
hugs, di