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So, I decided that if I waited until I was completely rested....

Saturday, December 19, 2009
I'd probably never write another post to this blog! So, as long as you (the reader) understands that I'm not at my 100% smart-aleckie self and might, potentially say something nice about someone, then we're good to go.

So, just a week ago, we held our 11th annual "Markin Holiday Open House." This was a party that Rod's Mom did for some 38-40 years! Every December Hetty Jane (Rod's Mom's name was, "Hetty Jane Marie...very pretty, I think) would send out handwritten postcards inviting friends and family to stop by her house for some coffee, apple cider, little sandwiches and cookies and a chance to just sit and visit with people they might only get to see once a year when they stop at Hetty Jane's party! (Please note the very lengthy run-on sentence...it's not my fault...it's my tired brain and tired body's fault...) Plus, the party lasted all day so, if you had a busy schedule, you could get a few things done, then stop by her house for coffee and treats! Rod's parents lived in Lincoln. Hetty Jane made ALL of the food for her party! She would bake for weeks! She and Bud (Rod's Dad) would make up these delicious little chicken salad and ham salad sandwiches. She went to this neighborhood bakery every year and have them make up these adorable little sandwich buns, just for her party! Bud and Hetty Jane lived in a "raised ranch" style house, meaning the ground floor was actually the garage and the basement. You'd have to go up a set of stairs outside to get to the "first floor" or do the same inside from the basement to the first floor. It was always a very, very special time to visit Bud and Hetty's house the days before the "Open House" because they used their cool basement and garage to store many of the delicious treats that would be served during the party! Sometimes she would come looking for us because she would see us drive up but we hadn't made it upstairs yet to say hello yet! My mother-in-law was an incredible cook and baker!

As Hetty Jane grew older and tired) unlike her beloved daughter-in-law who seems to be growing younger and tired...ha....ha....ha...) she decided to stop doing her annual Christmas party. But, she didn't anticipate how much she would miss having this fun event. So, the next year Rod and I decided to have Hetty Jane pass the torch to us and we started having a Christmas party in Omaha for our friends and family. The first few years, Hetty Jane would help me do most of the baking and cooking. She also passed on her beautiful little glass plates and coffee cups for us to use. Bud and Hetty Jane also became our official door greeters! It was so much fun for everyone! They got to see some of our friends, some of their friends and meet many new people!

After Hetty Jane passed away, Bud became our one and only greeter. All of our friends were so good to him that first Christmas. Anyway....

So, 11 years later we're still having our "Annual Open House!" Now, we take turns being greeters and sometimes friends will just hang out at the front door greeting other friends!

OK, I started this post on Saturday afternoon. It's now 9:00 Sunday night. I've got to go work on mixing my medicine. I'm just going to go ahead and post this and I'll come back tomorrow, write some more and add some pictures...
Sorry. I just don't know where the time goes....

Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for reading.

4 comments to So, I decided that if I waited until I was completely rested....:

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